#MerloininMumbai-Singapore Food Festival at JW Marriott Mumbai, Juhu

Did you ever go travelling to Singapore and didn’t have time to check out the street food it has to offer. A trip full of regrets for not trying that delicious looking duck that was being slow-cooked to perfection, ready for you to binge on it.

Or come back from a trip craving for all those yum satays, braised ducks, sticky rice and what not!

Then there are some who always dream of having such food but for some reason or the other cannot make that much needed foodie trip to these lovely places.

Either way you’re in luck because Chef Thanabalan, sous chef to JW Marriott Singapore, has personally flown down to give you a sneak peak into what Singapore street food is all about!

Chef Thanabalan
Chef Thanabalan

We’re talking, delectable Chilli crab, laksa, satays, slow-cooked chinese duck, noodle live-counters and many more authentic preparations.

Before we begin with our experience here’s some info about the actual Singapore food scene. They treat their street food sellers with great care and have moved them all off the streets and to Hawker centres, a place where they can cook with clean water and in hygeinic surroundings. Source: link

Now let’s roll back to our very own Lotus Cafe, JW Marriott, Juhu. Where we have little red umbrellas and lanterns hung around the place to give us the feel of Singapore. We spotted the salad counters, satay counters, Chicken and Duck being roasted. Things looked in good shape and we were very excited!’

Chef Himanshu briefing us about the fest
Chef Himanshu briefing us about the fest

We were briefed about the festival by Chef Himanshu Taneja, the executive chef of JW Marriott Juhu and Chef Thanabalan who brought all this together. He explained to us how the menu changes daily and also that his recipes have slight influences from India, Malaysia and Chinese due to Singapore’s mixed heritage.

Singapore themed decor
Singapore themed decor

We started by taking a walk around the colourful live-stations , where Chef Thanabalan gave us an insight on how each of those dishes were cooked. The satays included meats like Lamb, Prawn and Chicken. Served on the stick, it came with a peanut sauce. The Satays are served with some Shallots, cucumber and pineapple.

The Satay Station!
The Satay Station with Cucumber, Shallots and Pineapple for condiments.

We then moved on to where the Jasmine Rice with Chicken section. Foodie’s favourite station (the curries section) and also happened to be one of Chef’s signature dishes. The Jasmine Rice is fragrant sticky rice which is cooked in chicken stock/ fat, lemon grass, shallot and ginger. Chicken and Jasmine Rice is famous street food in Singapore.

Jasmine rice, Chicken in red chilli curry and slow braised Duck and potatoes.
Jasmine rice, Chicken in red chilli curry and slow braised Duck and potatoes.

We however paired the Jasmine Rice with the slow braised Duck with potatoes (which looked oily but was was fantastic) One of our favourites! The chilli and tomato red curry chicken was really yum too but the foodie had picked her favorite dish for the night.

Poached chicken and Roasted Chinese chicken
Poached chicken and Roasted Chinese chicken

Chef explained to us how the chicken was prepared. Poached chicken which is slow cooked for 1 and a half hour, cooled down in ice water for tenderness. Served with soya, chilli vinegar and local sauces. It is served cold.

There was also slow-roasted Chinese duck also which was also skillfully made. It was stuffed with Star anise and five spices, given a nice hot water bath and then hung to dry. It was then roasted for an hour!

2015-08-19 21.31.53
Prawn and Lamb satays

The Foodie picked the lamb and prawn satay. The prawn satay was great but the lamb one was too chewy for her to go back for it.

Noodle Station
Noodle Station
The other gravies included, Pomfret, Black pepper prawns and vegetable stew..
The other gravies included, Pomfret, Black pepper prawns, chilli Crab and vegetable with coconut gravy..
Chilli crab plated specially for us by Chef
Chilli crab plated specially for us by Chef

The live noodle station was pretty nice too. Chef Thanabalan personally took over and tossed those veggies up with our choice of noodles and a local sauce. We then tried the laksa.

2015-08-19 21.19.13

You could taste that there was some shrimp paste used in it or a sea food broth. Very strong flavors. One must acquire a taste for this authentic stuff. We asked for a bowl with no boiled egg but there is egg in it too. From what Chef told us about technique and preparation, we gathered that a lot of ginger, garlic, turmeric, shrimp paste is used in their cooking.


There were salads and some stews that would go well with your noodles but we got too full to try any.

Our complimentary Singapore slinger!
Our complimentary Singapore slinger!

We really think one must try this festival for the perfect Singapore street food experience, as Chef Thanabalan has some authentic food prepared for you. The menu changes daily but that’s alrite. 🙂 Incase you do miss it, you could also meet Chef in Singapore 🙂

So in short, foodies, stop reading this blog and go book yourself a table already. Only two days left for this!

Here’s everything you need to know.

Restaurant: Lotus Café, JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu
Dates: 17th August – 31st August 2015
Time: Dinner- 7:00 pm-11:00 pm
Pricing: INR 2400/- per head all inclusive
For inquiries, please contact us on 022 6693 3277.
Visit us online, http://www.jwmarriottmumbai.com, @jwmarriottjuhu and




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