Asilo sky brunch

Rooftop brunch at Asilo, Mumbai 


Imagine a bird’s eye view of your favorite city. Sea, skyline, racecourse, and if you went there regularly enough you can even monitor the progress of these new buildings that are coming up! But we aren’t here to do just that. Asilo which is on the 40th floor of the new St. Regis hotel (earlier known as the Palladium hotel) and hosts one of the most happening brunches in town. A sky brunch, imagine that!


Let’s elaborate. Unlimited sparkling wine/champagne, a massive spread of food with a lot of cheesy items on the menu that go so well with that wine mmmm.. Makes the foodie hungry all over again!

Well the good news is, what just started out as a Monsoon Brunch is now extended to every Sunday for the rest of the year! So happy brunching, Bombay Foodies!

The Foodie:

I love a breakfast buffet, the thought of fresh eggs, bacon, mushrooms, fresh toast and with loads of jams on top. Such grand breakfast always makes me feel warm and fuzzy. But with this current lifestyle of gruelling work hours going for a good breakfast in the morning does become a little un-doable. Catching up on all that sleep, being the main reason.

Enters a new trend, where people who love a lazy Sunday, have their prayers answered.

Sparkling wine, eggs, waffles and pancakes on order, a spread of delicious cold-cuts, all kinds of cheese, Emmental, Smoked Mozzarella, Yellow English Cheddar, Spicy Gouda, Havarti Cheese, Brie Crackers, spiced Nuts, tarts, desserts to shamelessly indulge in. These people were out there to spoil us and how!

The ambience is vibrant. Well lit, and beautiful during rains. This place was quite packed just the right amount considering it wasn’t that old. It’s the perfect place to catch up with your friends!


Moving onto the food, I was very impressed with the variety of breads which included, Basil /Sundry Tomato Pesto Roll, Lavash, Bread Sticks, Foccacia , dips such as Chipotle Beetroot Hummus, Smoked Paprika & Roasted Garlic Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Roasted Red Pimento & Sweet Sherry. Along with Olive Tapenade which is puréed or finely chopped olives, capers, anchovies and olive oil. Its name comes from the Provençal word for capers, tapenas.

We also had Smoked Paprika, Miso and Cafe De Paris Butter (A compound butter with a lot of herbs and condiments) to go with all those different types of breads.

For savoury items they had Quiche, Vol-au-vent, Olive & Cheese Bites, Muns and Jalousies.

What what what whaaaaa? Yea I had the same reaction. What are these names!? Well Quiche, you all are well acquainted with. Every confectionery seems to have it. Vol-au-vent is french for ‘windblown’, apparently and in this case a Puff Pastry. Olive and cheese bites were delicious! and Jalousie (pie modelled after window blinds)

This is how we were greeted!


I tried my best not be a glutton with this one. The trick to enjoying the brunch to its maximum potential is when you try everything in small quantities and then attack the stuff that you truly loved!

Here’s how I took the slow path towards over-stuffing myself..

That’s my first helping along with some sparkling wine which went beautifully with all the cheesy goodies! The tart pastry was delicious and instantly crumbled in my mouth with the first bite.


The cold-cut section had some good stuff too.. It included Confit Salmon, Smoked Salmon, Chicken Cold cuts, Pork meat cold cuts along with Salsa and Dill Cream Cheese and Lavash. Needless to say the smoked salmon was the winner and went so well with the cream cheese! There was also a beautifully plated dish of Grilled Vegetables which looked way too tempting for me to pass, even with all the meat kept right next to it.


Cold cuts along with assorted cheese and a mixed fruit platter

We then ordered some flat-breads from the Josper Live Station and some goodies from the Robata Grill.

Fish in Black pepper sauce, Tamaring tiger prawns, Malaysian Chicken Satay and chilli roasted potato. The prawns and potatoes were our personal favorites!
Mediterranean Flat Bread with Smoked Vegetables & Fresh Pesto, Bocconcini


Robata Grill Live Station

We moved onto trying new drinks. We were told there were some delicious cocktails we could try and we went for the Lychee and watermelon cocktail (sparkling wine+ Absolut vodka+ lychee crush+fresh watermelon juice+ watermelon syrup) and this Mimosa sort of Orange cocktail (sparkling wine+orange juice+Absolut vodka+vanilla syrup)



Both were delicious and we moved onto trying Pancakes and the Waffles section to go well with our next dish.


The Choco-chip pancakes were soft and fluffy and perfectly sweet. I don’t like anything too sweet. Well, occasionally I do put one million teaspoons of sugar in my Bournvita but that makes up for all the loss 😛  The Macarons we tried might have been too sweet though. We were yet to try the waffles so went with the savoury option. Chicken waffles were up next!

Chicken Waffles!
Chicken Waffles!

They were loaded and we were too stuffed so I might have to confess about not doing justice to them, in terms of enjoying them like I should. They didn’t make us as happy as we thought they would when we ordered it 😦 hope you guys do it!

Live Egg station
Live Egg station

They also have a live Egg Station that can whip it up just the way you want it! Poached, over-easy, Omelet, your wish is their command. Unfortunately we were way too stuffed to try the eggs.


I was extremely pleased with the Asilo staff. They know how to take good care of their guests and a big shout out to our Chef Cyrus Irani and his team for putting up such a brilliant show!

I’m looking for the next window when I could go for this beautiful brunch again. Oh and did I say food was all that made me happy that day? Here’s the video of the saxophonist killing it with his happy vibes!

Our rating:

Food and Drinks: 4
Decor: 4
Value For Money: N-A


Here’s all the info you need!

It on Sundays 12.30 pm onwards ​​​


Rs 1850 plus taxes for the full buffet spread, non alcoholic

Rs2950 plus taxes for the sparkling brunch & full buffet spread

Rs4950 plus taxes for the champagne brunch & full buffet spread​

For Reservations, Pls Contact:


(The Bombay Foodies had been invited to check out the Asilo Sunday Brunch. The staff and Chef knew of us coming but honest reviews have been given by the reviewers.)






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