Oh:Cha Kitchen & Bar -Casablanca Sparkling wine brunch

A couple of weeks ago, we were told that Oh:Cha has decided to enter the rink of beautiful brunches along with some sparkling wine and Asian delicacies. They had me at Asian food cos there is nothing else in the world I want more than unlimited gyozas to fulfill my dream of a happy belly.

The menu stated some names which I had to google, of course but looked promising. Krob keam, gyozas, som tam salad, tom yum soup. Well it’s a good thing it was post a really fun Halloween Party. My friend and I were famished the next morning. We ended up at Oh:Cha.

You enter the place and you’re in a whole new world you wouldn’t expect inside that unassuming building. Love the decor. Very edgy. The day we decided to go was a quiet Sunday. Not too many families, when we reached. But we also reached only around 2. Unlike most brunches this place gets you your food on the table. I usually like to look around during a brunch. Look, pick and choose everything I want, after drooling over almost everything on display. So we left our brunch fate in the hands of our lovely server.

First up was our glass of Casablanca sparkling wine and along with it a jar of Krob Keam. Krob Keam is a sweet and savory pastry sort of thing, which is a popular thai snack. My mom makes something similar at home so this was familiar territory. Although I like it warm and fresh.

The food slowly started to arrive. We were given some chunky Kim-chi to munch on till then. I personally feel Kim-chi should be a little more delicate than chunky pieces of veggie in that sauce. But good Kim-chi, loaded with sesame seeds and tasty seasoning.


Our Appetizers included Prawn and Chive dumplings. Which we quite liked. The chicken gyozas were a little too doughy and dry than we prefer. These came with a standard dipping sauce which went with everything else that followed.

We were then served some Turnip cakes which were really nice. Potato like texture, you wouldn’t, for once think you’re eating something different. Crunchy garlic that came along with it was yum!

The chicken satay was served with a peanut sauce. Was good but we moved onto the next dish pretty quickly.

There were these other two starters we had Fried Lemongrass chicken and and Chicken in Black pepper sauce. Both were ok.

Soups and Salad:

We were really full by the time we reached the soup-stage. Why? Cos the appetizers whose primary function is too keep us hungry for more filled us up a little too much and the gigantic portions of soup that came along were greeted with a little fear. Who’ll be able to finish alllll that after so many appetizers!? We were also served a gigantice portion of Som Tam Salad which was yum but a little too much for us to handle at that point.

I prefer my soup slightly light so to see the bowl with a thick Burnt garlic and Basil soup was a bit of a disappointment. Overall it lacked a compelling flavour and we couldn’t finish too much of it till the next soup arrived. Tom yum soup. This one was lighter much too our relief but turned out to be too sour (too much lime) and slightly sweet. The first sip and there was a strong hot flavour that hit our throat, it felt like there was a ton of tamarind water used in it. Our chef did mention the coconut milk used in the soup was home-made (extracted fresh in the kitchens) hence the special flavour. I however kept eating it. The taste eventually grew on me.


For mains we were spoilt with choices!

Steamed Lemon Dory

This was our favourite course of the day. We requested our server to give us small portions as we really didn’t want to waste anything.

We had Steamed Dory in lemon garlic, a little too sour but we didn’t mind it at all. There was Pad Thai Noodles, Pad Kra Prow Kai which is minced chicken with fried with Basil. There were fried chilli beans which I really liked. I love greens with all my food.  The Four Friends was an interesting dish. It comprised of our four buddies the White Fungus, asparagus, Broccoli and Shiitake mushrooms. All this in a bean sauce. All these together tasted good. The Thai green curry was nice but from these my favorite was the Fish. Really kicked up all the different flavours.

Desserts, FINALLY!:  

For desserts we had Sticky rice and mango ice cream, lemon grass Creme Brulee and Tub Tim Krobe a concoction that all these fresh cool elements like Jackfruit, water chestnut and coconut milk. It is a popular Thai dessert and has Red colored chunks of water chestnut which look like red rubies. No particular element was over powering. Just a harmonious blend of these mild flavours. We also had the option of this refreshing Orange, Lemon and Honey sorbet. Although strong on the lemon zest this one definitely helped clear my palate at the end of the meal.


The over all meal at Oh: cha was a very filling one. But I still feel it has a lot more potential than it displays. Would like to visit this place one more time to try some new dishes before giving it a final rating.

Our rating:

Food and Drinks: 3.5
Decor: 4
Value For Money: N-A

Price: Rs 2000 with taxes. Comes with a complimetary glass of Casablanca Sparkling Wine.

Here’s all the info you need!

It on Sundays 12:00 pm to 4:00pm onwards ​​​

For Reservations, Pls Contact:

022 30151138

(The Bombay Foodies had been invited to check out the Casablanca Sunday Brunch. The staff and Chef knew of us coming but honest reviews have been given by the reviewers.)



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