Yellow Bar All Day- 21st Road, Next To Gauri Khan Store, Khar West, Mumbai

Last week the Bombay Foodies were invited to Yellow Bar All Day to try their food and attend their Musical Tuesdays event which promotes music by Indie bands and this time we had with us Joash Benedict playing for us. Before we begin I deeply apologize for the pictures. The lighting didn’t allow us to take the best photos!

The outdoor section of Yellow Bar All Day
The outdoor section of Yellow Bar All Day

About the place:  The owners Nikki and Timmy Narang who have a solid background in hospitality, teamed up with Chef Davide Cananzi from Mezzo Mezzo, JW Marriott, with an ambition to create a space that is classy and not over-crowded and serves good Europian food. We’ve been told this is their attempt to bring back the good old Yellow Tree, which used to be what is now Smoke House Deli on Pali.Having a Musical Tuesday event is just a step towards attracting the music loving crowd.

Ambiance: Yellow Bar is an elegant little cafe with an indoor and outdoor seating area. Love the hanging pots and lights when you enter this space. The outdoor area is perfect for a date, especially at this time of the year. Pretty little fairy lights and plants. Perfect place to lounge around and brunch all day or for a candle-light dinner date in the evening.

So far we liked the vibe. It is not more than two months old. When The Techno One and I reached the place, it was just filling up. We could spot quite a few Expats. The Musical Tuesdays happen below in room known as the Music Room (lol the last time I heard a name like this I was in school) where they get bands to come play on the above mentioned day of the week. You can spot alot of young crowd in that section. Even if you dont want to go down to listen to it live, you can always hang around upstairs. They’ve got speakers set up for those who have a FOMO (fear of missing out. Keep up, geez!), at softer volumes of course. Beers were on the house but you have to buy your cocktails yourself. Worked for us.

Food: The Foodie swore she had seen the chef before somewhere. FBAI awards, was it? It was great to finally meet Chef Davide in person and we were very excited to try the food there. We asked him to send what he recommended and first up was the Parma Ham Pizza.

While the band played beautiful covers of all the latest songs.. (Hot line bling, Sorry etc.) We enjoyed our thin-crust gourmet pizza, generously topped with parma ham, cheese and rocket leaves. The base had slightly golden crispy edges at the same time it was soft and easy to eat.We didn’t waste any of it. When here ask your server for the special pizzas!

Parma Ham Pizza
Parma Ham Pizza.


Next up were the Lamb Meatballs..

IMG_5910 The Lamb Meatballs. Well seasoned meat all balled up and cooked to perfection, topped with home-made tomato sauce which was chunky as should be, not over cooked and not entirely acidic. I liked it.  Just didn’t think too much about the bread that came along with it. To me it tasted a little dense and soggy..

Fish Cakes.

Grilled Fish cakes were interesting. We weren’t told or we forgot which fish was used to make this. It had a distinct taste. These cakes came along with a mixed greens and cherry tomato salad and saffron mayonnaise. Perfectly seasoned fish mashed and put together to make these delicious cakes. To get the maximum pleasure out of each bite make sure pair it up with the mayo and finish it with a bite of the salad. Really good.


Lamb Lasagna was good too. It had an interesting garnish. Topped with basil, chopped parsely and piece of fried spaghetti. So when things get boring just bite into this fried string of pasta to get that crunch. Like a super skinny version of a soup stick. Not enough for the entire platter of lasagna but creative. The lasagna itself was delicious due to the gratinized cheese and a sauce not too acidic like most lasagna sauces tend to be these days. A similar sauce as the Meatballs was used I think.

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Chicken confit and saffron risotto served in a parmesan bowl. The plate in reality looked like art work, the camera and lighting as you can see didn’t do it much justice. Confit is a method of cooking in which the meat is cooked and preserved in its own fat. Usually the leg is used for this process and duck, pork or goose  for the choice of meat. But here we have Chef working his magic with chicken and serving it with the most perfectly cooked saffron risotto. If you eat it, you’ll realize the rice doesn’t have all the cheese. The seperate cheese bowl is provided to experience everything to its maximum potential. Usually I eat my risotto in installments as the cheesyness makes it rich and makes it too much to eat it all, in one go. But this seperation helped me enjoy the saffron in the risotto as well as the goodness of the cheese. What an exquisite affair this was. Very nice.

All the dishes were topped with micro greens to add some freshness.


Chef didn’t let us leave before we tried his signature Tiramisu. A tiramisu which I’m, sure you know is an Italian layered dessert, traditionally made with lady’s fingers ( not the vegetable, a type of sponge biscuit) which is dipped in coffee and the layered with a mixture of mascaporne cheese, eggs, sugar and flavored with cocoa.  This wasn’t layered like it usually is. It was light and nice. Topped with sifted cocoa and chocolated stars on the side made it pretty as well a pretty good tiramisu. I wouldn’t call it the best I’ve had but pretty good 🙂 . Alot of people I know swear by the Tiramisu here.

Why Yellow Bar All Day is a good addition to our lives? 

A good place to make someone, who isn’t too big on Italian food, like it. Think we managed to get the Techno One to warm upto some pasta and rissotto.

It has a beautiful menu and an authentic Mediterranean vibe to it. From Lobster stuffed ravioli to Crackling Pork belly I want to try all of it!

They have breakfast till 5pm and some really interesting stuff on their menu. Eggs Benedict on french toast! I can’t wait to try that!

Their Sangrias are said to be delicious! So a new place to meet up with your girlfriends for brunch!

They’ve got your grilled-meat-served-with-mashed-potatoes type of needs all sorted and local and imported beers (Bira, Hoegaarden and Corona) to go it with!

Some might relate with me when I say this place is like a cross between Eddies (for drinks), Pizza Metro Pizza (for menu) and Out of the Blue (for decor and vibe). You’ll know when you go there.

Drinks: NA
Décor: 4
Value for Money: NA

Picture Credit: Farhan Kapadia. 

(The Bombay Foodies had been invited to check out Yellow Bar All Day Menu. The staff and chef knew of us coming but honest reviews have been given by the reviewers.)

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