Women’s Day Special- Novotel Imagica experience

It has been a hard couple of months with endless work and tight deadlines, and just when you’re almost about to give up somewhere a God sent Publicist answers your prayers and crafts the best therapy for you. A Women’s day package at Novotel Imagica.

At Rs. 8000 per couple you get a package that includes a stay in their most comfortable rooms, an Irolic parade of characters, Karaoke, unlimited drinks for the ladies at Nitro, cocktail mixing sessions, treasure hunts, access to the pool, dinner and breakfast!

If you wish to book yourself a Women’s Day package on for the 8th March 2016 contact the following:

Guests can email H9832-RE@accor.com, or call at 91 (2192) 301 888

Please note: At an additional cost you can have a day of fun and excitement and the theme parks adjacent. Continue reading to know more.

The Foodie was invited for a pre-women’s day celebration so you know what you’re in for, exactly! 😀

I started my journey at around 9:30 am and after our last pick-up we reached Khopoli around 11:30 am. Not bad right? For people who stay in around Santa Cruz here is the route we took.

Arrival: Upon arriving we recieved our welcome drinks.. This delicious blue coloured drink which is like a non-alcoholic Pina Colada and a warm welcome from our Imagica Mascots. Look out for our Mogambo he’s quite the querky one.

Checking in was a prompt affair and we had a lot of stuff planned for the day so we quickly headed upstairs.

The rooms looked comfortable. Just wanted to jump into those cozy sheets and pass out for the rest of the day. My room had the pool view and the view of the Sahyadris like promised. Because the hotel is still in its nascent stages alot of surrounding land looks empty. But who cared if the pool and hills are the first thing you see when you draw the curtain.. These are just the first set of rooms constructed the developement is still on and the park facing rooms are all in the pipeline.

Because we were here to celebrate women’s day the staff made sure we felt pampered. These adorable plates of chocolates popped up while I was freshening up. Perfect way to get a sugar high. And though I am not a very big fan anything but dark chocolate this one came as a surprise! They were so damn yum. And looked so real. had to crush it to make sure they werent just colourful toys on a plate. That make up box looked adorable, Each color was a flavoured chocolate.

We also had a sweet surprise from the GM with a gift on our bedside and note telling us how much they looked forward to us enjoying our stay.

We headed down for our brunch to the Square. The Square is hotel’s all day dining restaurant and is called that across all Novotels in the world and is known for their lavish buffets. Our Chef who has been with the hotel’s for almost 10 years now has done an excellent job with the menu. Food is definitely one of the reason’s why you should book your stay here.  Well I’m not a big fan of buffets cos it feels like the quality of food suffers majorly during mass production of food. But the menu here looked like there had been a whole lot of thought put into it. Right from Indian to continental to chinese. It looked so rich and good. Especially the indian. Just wanted to grab some hot tandoori rotis and make giant morsels of delicious palak paneer and gobhi aloo and Mutton rogan josh and gobble them all up!

First off that beautiful table!! It had been specially set up for us ladies. It  was something of a spectacle. So much effort, so much care. There were these adorable dispensers that carried Orange and cinnamon punch. If you like cinnamon you would love this drink. I personally wanted to take these home and keep them in my kitchen forever.

Cinnamon and orange punch
Cinnamon and orange punch, pesto and regular hummus, savoury sticks.

We were also served this delicious tender coconut water, The effects of this drink seemed dramatic. Never felt this recharged so instantly. The table was well stocked with all kinds of fresh dips, flavoured butters and cheese. You could load your bread with all that goodness and indulge to your heart’s content! We decided to start by dipping all those mathris (savoury pastry sticks) into the delicious hummus.

The two pizzas we had an indian touch to it. Malwani Pizza and the Chettinad pizza.  Chef wanted to use the local malvani spices and it turned out to be a brilliant idea cos even though those pizzas looked all charred and stuff on the edges they were a hit! From the salads to the chicken yakitori everything was lovely. It showed how much thought was put into each dish.

The dessert counters also had stuff from all over the world. What I particularly loved? the idea of Umali. A middle eastern pudding used here. A chocolate Umali.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Following this we slept for a good three hours. Those beds *heart eyes*

We then went down for our scheduled tour of the hotel which didn’t end up happening so we instead got ourselves busy with the Fooseball table in the activity centre. Could not help but notice the amazing collection of books and games. A carrom board, ping-pong table, pool table and massage chair dart board etc. the place was full of activties, with a direct view of the Square from one side.

We then headed for our high-tea at the Tubby Bistro named after the official Imagica Mascot. You’ll find him running around the hotel if you hang around in the lobby. The high tea was a colourful affair, of-course.

Lots of colourful sliders, chocolates, quiches for us to binge on. The sliders were colored using beetroot, spinach and turmeric. To keep them healthy. Lots of interesting desserts as well. This white chocolate cup filled with mascaporne cheese spiked with kahlua and this extremely complicated but tasty dessert we had that Chef Raman described to us was layers of almond meal and caramel and chocolate and dry fruits. When I ate it there was a lot of fig like texture to it. A solid shot of sweet but not too heavy so you dont stop at the first bite.


We washed all that down with a nice cup of tea and moved on to the next thing planned for the day, the treasure hunt! This one was a solid work out! You run up and down and will definitely lose all that weight in like 20 minutes.

We then joined the General Manager for drinks and some very delicious snacks by the pool along with a live band playing old school music. The highlight for me was the Pok Choy wrapped Water Chestnut with hoisin sauce. Mmmm..

The cocktail mixing class was fun too! We were given a bunch of fruits, a spirit, and were asked to concont something fun. I of course suck at mixology therefore finally came up with the extremely mediocre cocktail called Fruit Chaat Sangria! but hey I won the best presentation prize 😀

This session was followed by some really good dinner.There was mushroom cappucino followed by  Slow cooked Lamb Shank served on Pesto Barley Risotto. Loved it!  For the veggies there was Ker Sangri with Cottage Cheese and Risotto and Makhni sauce. The vegetarians went gaga over their dish. Beautifully presented the dish got full points for innovation and flavour!


We ended our night with some therapeautic Karaoke session. Sang to our heart’s content and tucked ourselves into bed all excited about our next day at Imagica

Oh and I got myself a cute little plush turtle from the Hotel gift shop. The shop takes care of all your theme park needs, water bottles, swim wear, caps, bottle fans, towels, water resistant bags and the works. This turtle who is yet to be christened accompanied me through all of it! Wanna see?




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