Monthly Archive: September, 2016

BONO – The Boutique Ice-Cream place

In a world where Macaroons are having a sea-salt and caramel flavor, Eclairs are being dipped in 80% Madagascar chocolate why hasn’t there been an ice-cream with bacon in it? Or perhaps Ice-cream… Continue reading

Pukhtan-E-Jyran Festival and Upcoming Menu

Jyran at Sofitel, BKC has somewhat become our Foodies’ top places to go eat good North Indian food in Mumbai. She went for their Iftaar Menu last year and really liked it and now was… Continue reading

Travel Diaries: The Chefs ‘Foodie’ Malvan Coastal Trip part 2

In the second part, the road took me to Ratnagiri- Aarey Waarey- Ganpati Phule and finally Alibaug. Most of the places are unknown, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned is that if… Continue reading

Travel Dairies: The Chef’s ‘Foodie’ Malvan Coast Trip Part I

At the beginning of last year, the Chef decided to do this trip down the Malwan coast, in search of some authentic food,  local activities and meet some kick-ass Malwani chefs a.k.a the locals! No… Continue reading