Pukhtan-E-Jyran Festival and Upcoming Menu

Jyran at Sofitel, BKC has somewhat become our Foodies’ top places to go eat good North Indian food in Mumbai. She went for their Iftaar Menu last year and really liked it and now was called for a traditional ‘dum‘ cooking festival called Pukhtan-E-Jyran. Chef Shadab has dug deep into his collections of old recipes which use slow cooking and ‘dum‘ preparations to come up with this menu at Jyran. Most of the influence has come from Luckhnowi and Hyderabadi cooking and thus use of meat is a lot; but trust us the vegetarian fare is at par if not better than the meats. So lets get into what we ate, our likes and dislikes and finally whether you should go and try it out.

Ready for the Meal

The Place:
Jyran which is Sofitel’s specialty Royal Indian cuisine restaurant is on the fourth level of the hotel and the whole look and feel of the place is is quite grand itself. With its pretty chandeliers, great flooring, huge elephant installation at the entrance and classy atmosphere Jyran is quite the hit with their foreign in-house guests and locals alike. Cutlery and crockery too have been thought through and  it does make you feel as if you are eating in a royal household.

Murgh Jehangir Shorba

The Meal:
The festival has a three page menu with two soups, appetizers, main course and dessert. An equal selection of vegetarian and meat options was good as most of the places give too much importance to the meats. We started off with the Chicken Shorba and right from our first sip, there was this flavor bomb exploding in our mouths. A thin soup, made from bone stock and daal. The Shorba had three little succulent chicken koftas was a perfect way to start our meal. For appetizers we got a mix platter of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Paneer and Pineapple kebab, green Peas and Chili kebab with cheese (Chef Shadab Special), Chicken Chandi kebab, Shammi kebab to name a few.

Appetizers so good, we couldn’t resist!!

Generally when there’s meat and veggies on our plates we tend to eat the veggies first, but this meal was different. We had a bite of everything and realized that the vegetarian appetizers were f*cking spot on! The meats for our Chef seemed to be less spiced and there was a definite holding back on the masalas. But our vegetarian counter parts including the pineapple, yes effing pineapple were amazing! The green peas kebab a better cousin of the Hara Bhara kebab with melting cheese in the middle was the highlight of the entire meal. There was another kebab called the Doodhiya kebab with Paneer and dry fruits; It looked as white as milk thus the name. The Shammi kebab was the nicest in our meat section,with the Chandi Chicken being something that we’ve tried before.

Kitna Khaayega!!!

The main course was again a selection of meats and veggies. Chicken Handi with a subtle rose flavor was the standout dish among our meats but the Mutton Bawli Handi should also be given a special mention. But again like our appetizers the vegetarian dishes kicked a*s. The Arbi Masala, Daal-E-Jyran, Dry Gobhi masala and Paneer pasanda was all lip-smacking. Arbi is used a lot in Sindhi cooking and was an instant favorite of our Chef, while our Foodie kept having spoonfuls of the daal which never got over!! Just when we thought this would be the end of our meal, another dish containing really fragrant Yakhni Pulao made its way to our table. The Pualo was given a pass certificate by our Foodie (who is from Lucknow herself) which means it was perfect!! As we were two people the food did get a little heavy which is always the case with royal meals, but there’s always space for dessert.

Shahi Tukda, Phirni and Potato Halwa

For dessert, we had a really small helping of Phirni, Shahi Tukda and Potato Halwa. Frankly we can comment only on the Phirni as our Chef could only eat one of the dessert. It was a light dessert, not too sweet and really pleasant after a heavy meal. We couldn’t even have a bite of the other two as we were so stuffed!!! Now coming to should one try this meal out: in our opinion, Yes, F*ck yes. In our city that really needs authentic food, Jyran’s food especially this festival is a must visit. We are sure it’ll definitely leave you impressed with a little hole in your pocket as well. Pukhtan-E-Jyran currently on till the 30th of September at Jyran and a prior booking is a must.


(The BombayFoodies were invited to come and try out the food at Jyran. Honest opinions and views have been given by the reviewers.)

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