BONO – The Boutique Ice-Cream place

In a world where Macaroons are having a sea-salt and caramel flavor, Eclairs are being dipped in 80% Madagascar chocolate why hasn’t there been an ice-cream with bacon in it? Or perhaps Ice-cream with Blue Cheese? Well look no further BombayFoodies, we introduce to you BONO, a boutique ice-cream store where the unthinkable (when it comes to flavors) is happening.


Blue Cheese anyone??

The Chef: Chef Alyssa Chesson, an LCB London graduate is what we call the Willy Wonka of the Ice-cream world. Not satisfied with the regular choco-chip ice creams or simple fruit Gelatos, she realized that there was a massive hole that needed to be filled in this particular segment. Before starting BONO, she had also come with Caramel Carousel which quickly got its name for making some of the best and maybe only Croquembouche in Mumbai. Well the Chef remembers, that as a Front Office trainee at the Taj Alyssa left after 3 months as that wasn’t her scene. After completing her course at LCB she did a small internship at Yauatcha and then started off with CC.



BONO: The word Bono comes from the Italian term Buono which means Tasty, and trust us the ice-creams were really tasty. We went to BONO on a reainy afternoon and finding this place is very easy. Its a small kitchen very close to Mehboob Studio. As we arrived late, Alyssa couldn’t really show us the entire ice-cream making process, but the basic custard making and mixing of flavors were shown. There are 10 flavors that Alyssa has at BONO, and she wants to keep it like this currently as she is still getting the name out. Fresh ice-cream is made everyday and packaged in cute 325 gm boxes.


The crazy flavors included — Blue Cheese and Honey, Dark Chocolate and Sea salt, Pondicherry Vanilla, Milk Chocolate and Bacon and a Dark Chocolate and Truffle oil ice-cream to name a few. Not your regular everyday flavors, but then again Alyssa doesn’t want to keep it regular. Some simpler flavors included, White Chocolate and Passion Fruit, Hazelnut, Salted Caramel to name some more. Tasting all the flavors we found the White Chocolate and Passion fruit and the SUGAR FREE Dark Chocolate and Sea-salt the best. Of course when the season comes, fresh fruits will incorporated to the ice creams.


To BONO or not to BONO: Hells yes! if one is looking for different tastes, experiment with the iconic ice creams, BONO is a must have. They deliver to your doorstep using ice packs and also are listed on Scootsy. The only downside maybe that a 375g box costs anywhere between 600 and 800 rupees. Yes these wont be finished in one sitting but are on the slightly expensive side. Do try BONO out and let us know guys!!!!!!!!!


For orders and details:


    You can also call them on 9819758593.