10 Photos that sum up Chef’s Kerala Food Trip

Beef Roast and Parota, Calicut

Kerala also known as God’s own Country and for good fu*king reason. Highest literacy rate , highest female to male ratio, it is the land which has the maximum alcoholics (thus booze is prohibited) and you’re most likely to live the longest here! (Life expectancy) What else? The food is to die for, like literally it is on our top-three best cuisines of the country. The backwaters lend some of the most stunning views you will see in our country and of course the Rubber, Coffee and Tea plantations make this state a complete deal for a traveler.

Beef Chili with Peppers, Fry Fish with Chili

In the month of August and September our Chef went down south to learn the cuisine and do some much needed travelling. This is his summary of the Food of Kerala.(Route taken by our Chef)

Puttu Meals at The Puttu, Calicut

Kozhikode: Formerly known as Calicut, this is where one can enjoy authentic (north) Malabar snacks and is heavily influenced by Muslim food. There are many budget hotels near the train stations and the rickshaws generally take you everywhere ( Although I preferred walking.) Some of the most famous restaurants you must visit and things you should try are mentioned below:

Mutton Biryani at Paragon
  1. Bombay Hotel — Dancing Chai, Mutton Korma and Chatti Pathiri.
  2. Paragon and Rahmath — Biryani (Mutton and Buff)
  3. Sagar restaurant — Fresh Seafood
  4. Adams Chaikadda — New take for Malabar snacks.
Prawn Curry at Grand Hotel, Kochi

Kochi: or earlier known as Cochin, has had many a different European rulers from the Dutch to the Portuguese. It houses India’s first church The St. Francis Church where Vasco Da Gama was earlier buried. Not only does Kochi have the famous Chinese nets (found nowhere else except China) its also the highest exporter of Black Pepper (black gold) of our country. Famous restaurants and their must haves:

Local food and Toddy at Mullapanthal, Kochi
  1. Seagull Hotel: Crab Roast, Squid Fry and Beer.
  2. Mullapanthanl Toddy Shaap: Rabbit Fry, Fish Head Curry and Toddy!
  3. Nawras: Seafood Thaali!
  4. Grand Hotel: Prawn Curry, Fish Fry and Biryani
Crab Roast at Seagull, Kochi

Allepey: Most of Allepey is below sea-level and thus they are best known for the Backwaters. Alappuzha is an important tourist destination in India.The backwaters of Alappuzha are the most popular tourist attraction in Kerala. A houseboat cruise in these backwaters can be booked and Spice Routes is one of the famous boat operators (spiceroutes.in). It connects Kumarakom and Cochin to the North and Quilon to the South. Some of the most famous restaurants one must visit and things you should try are mentioned below:

Karimeen Fry
  1. Thaff Restaurant: Thaalis and Karimeen Fry
  2. Brothers Restaurant: Rabbit Roast and Breakfast items

Kottayam: Yes this isn’t the most tourist driven place in Kerala, but it does have 100% literacy rate, surrounded by hills and rivers and is main place from where one can go to Kumarakom. Kottatayam also is known for its rubber and most of India’s natural rubber originates from here. Some of the most famous restaurants one must visit and things you should try are mentioned below:

Fish Thaali at Thaali, Kottayam
  1. Thaali and Meenachil: Non-Veg Dosas and Thaali meals
  2. Karimoumkala : Karimeen Curry, Pollichattu and Toddy

Well to each his own they say, there are many a places we’ve missed out which serve better if not as good food. Also we’ve just covered 4 cities out of the many in Kerala, so Foodies, do leave a comment below if we’ve missed out on some places and cities that we MUST cover! Till then #HappyEating!

The Chef thulping Dosas, Kottayam

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