Pa Pa Ya — Modern Asian Bistro

In today’s day and age where everything is going ‘Modern’ or restaurants are confusing people with ‘Fusion’ food, we’d like you’ll to meet the Massive Restaurants chain. One of the most famous brands of the country, headed by the one and only Zorawar Kalra, son of Legend Jiggs Kalra they have some of the best restaurants of the country. With the likes of Farzi Cafe, Masala Library and the most recent Masala Bar they are inclined towards everything Modern, Indian and using cutting edge technology and ingredients. Last year they started Pa Pa Ya, a modern Asian Bistro (their first in the Pan-Asian sector) at Palladium Mall and now one year later they’ve just acquired another place in Delhi NCR for another branch.


The Place:
On the third floor of Palladium, right next to another of their brand Punjab Grill, stand this Bistro with its blood red walls, 3D mapped lighting and ‘peppy’music. Making a reservation is a MUST!! Trust us, we had a reservation at 19:45 hrs and the calls from their end started at 19:46 hrs. Apparently when the restaurant had started they had a two week waiting period. Did we mention we went here for our own Foodies Birthday dinner (wish her everyone!!!)

Must have – Seafood Laksa

The Menu and the Food:
Their menu starts off with a wide range of Sushi including Maki rolls, Nigiri and ‘Modern Sushi.’ Then they go on to Soup, Salad, Tapas, Mains and Desserts, Yes it does sound pretty simple but here are a few items we think are worth mentioning: Soft Shell Crab Sushi Burgers, Braised Lamb Rendang with Parota, Sushi Matrix’s, Beetroot Carpaccio, Veg Tacos and Vietnamese Pho to name a few. This was our order — The Non-Veg Sushi Matrix, Chicken Tacos, Chicken and Seafood Laksa (separate dishes,) Pork Spare Ribs, Soft Shell Crab Roll, Basil fried Rice, Sichuan pepper fried Prawn, Phud Thai, Lamb Rendang and finished it off with a Chocolate ball on Fire. Yes, its a lot of food, but this was thulped by 8 people and everything was wiped clean!

Non-Veg Sushi Matrix

The Tacos itself were nice and crunchy, had a curry filling of minced chicken and garnished with pea-shoots. Had a mixed response from all of us, but the Sushi Matrix, not only did it look tempting and well presented it tasted good as well. They had a Blackened rice roll, a version of the Californian roll, Prawn Tempura roll and a few types of Nigiri with Salmon, Tuna and John Dory. The Soft Shell Crab Tempura roll wasn’t a favorite of the Foodies’ but the Matrix she devoured!  The Spare Ribs was the favorite for all the boys on the table. Soft and melt in mouth ribs with f*ck loads of flavor, only downside maybe a little too much fat. At this time we’d like to thank our server Mr Aushotush (hope your spelling is right!!) Speedy service, knowledgeable and helped us with the orders.

Melt in your Mouth Pork Ribs

Moving on to mains the Basil Rice with stir Fry Chicken was a good combination, the Sichuan Pepper Prawns went well with the Phud Thai. Must mention that the quality and quantity of the food was spot on,the Prawns were of a good size and the Phud Thai never seemed to be getting over!! The Lamb Rendang was another favorite but the Parota they served it with was under-whelming. And finally for dessert we had the Chocolate ball on Fire, flambeed with Cointreau it was a huge ball and within had a brownie with ice-cream and nuts. A good dessert to share and most definitely a crowd puller as after we ordered, the tables next to us also called for 2 of the same 😀

Soft Shell Crab Roll

The Verdict:
Barring the confusing menu, the place is quite flawless. Its no non-sense approach to food and service makes Pa Pa Ya a definite must visit for all food lovers. As all the servers seem to be pretty knowledgeable the menu problem wont last long either.  Do try their Sushi Matrix/Boat, the Spare Ribs were to die for and something that we didn’t order but is another must have is the Lamb Chops. Yes, its a little pricey when it comes to other restaurants in the same categories but at 1800 per head (including tax and alcohol) we think it can be a place u visit once a month if not more! For all those who have checked out Pa Pa Ya and want us to know what we missed out on, do write to us in our comments below! Till then happy eating 😀

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