10 photos that sum up our Chefs’ Tamil Nadu trip

After the 17 day trip to Kerala, the Chef left for Tamil Nadu. Making his way from Kottayam (in Kerala) to Madurai (in Tamil Nadu) in an over night bus. Now as much as we think Kerala has some of the best food the country has to offer, we introduce you to Tamil F*cking Nadu. Known as the Temple state, Tamil Nadu has almost a 1:1 ratio for male to female, has about 80% literacy and in known to have the worlds oldest language still in use. Yes, Tamil my friends is the worlds oldest spoken language. Spending another 15 days in Tamil Nadu, these are the places the Chef visited — Madurai, Karaikudi (WAAAHHH???), Pondicherry and Chennai.

Ghee Podi Idly at Murugan Idli Shop

Madurai: The home of the world famous Meenakshi temple, Madurai was hands down the flavor bomb stop in the trip! Don’t think of it as a temple city, think of it as a Centrally located City to Rameshwaram, Pondi, Kanya Kumari, Chennai and Ooty!!! And as it has such close proximity to these places the food here can be described as “Holy F*ck where have you been all my life!!!” Mentioned below are the must have dishes and where to get them:

Mutton Kari Dosai at Chonar Mess
  1. Kumar Mess: Nandu Masala (Crab), Kaddai Curry (Patridge) and Mutton Egg Parota
  2. Murugan Idly Shop: All types of Idly’s
Nandu (Crab) Masala at Kumar Mess

Karaikudi: So if Madurai was the flavor bomb city, Karaikudi is the ‘Baap’ of all things hidden in our country kinda city!!! Food — Check! History — Check!! Amazing Architecture — Check!!! When an entire region is given a World UNESCO Heritage site, you know they mean serious business!!! The Kanadukathan part of Karaikudi is the place to be to see amazing mansions, Amazing tile work, great home-stays and f*cking peacocks, Yea f*cking peacocks and peahens in the wild! Mind = Blown!!! Some place to Stay and eat are mentioned below:

Breakfast spread at Visalam, Karaikudi
  1. Visalam, CGH Hotel — Everything!
  2. Bangala Hotel — Everything!!
Non-Veg Lunch meal at The Bangala, Karaikudi

Pondicherry: Or as we Indians call it “Poor mans’ France.” Situated on the Bay of Bengal, this cute little city is a Union Territory and the booze is cheap here. No wonder you Chennai-ites here every weekend :D. A very laid back city, Ponidcherry is known for its French Quarters, Surfing, Holiday scenes and great food.

Sexy Steak at Le Dupleix, Pondicherry

Being occupied by the Dutch, French and Portuguese before the f*cking Brits came in, Pondi as we all like to call her, has amazing influences of all the above. Be it in their food, architecture and even style of living, Pondicherry is the coolest, hippest and most lively city on Tamil Nadu (according to us.) Some amazing places to eat are mentioned below:

Croque Madame at Cafe Des Arts, Pondicherry
  1. Cafe Des Arts: Sandwiches and different types of Coffee.
  2. Le Dupleix: Franco- Tamil Food and Cocktails.
  3. Raga Priya Mess: Home style Thaalis (lunch only)
  4. Cafe Xtasi: Hand tossed, Wood fired, Thin crust Pizzas
Non-Veg Meal at Ragapriya Mess, Pondicherry

Chennai: Now Chennai is a very hit and miss, hit with the food and the beaches, miss with the weather and temperature!! Either that or our Chef went at a wrong time of the year. Chennai is a massive city, but its connected well with the help of metros and local trains ofcourse, UBER and OLA are there as well. Again being a metropolis, the food here is very varied but the main focus is on good home style cooking and a lot of seafood places! Must visit places in Chennai are:

Veg Thaali at Junior Kupanna, Chennai
  1. Junior Kupanna (Multiple Locations): Extra Large Thaali.
  2. The Marina: Fresh Seafood.
  3. Road side Biryani walas: All over!!!


Just like in Kerala, our Chef did not visit all the places in Tamil Nadu just 4 cities. If there are some mouth watering joint that we haven’t spoken about or a few dishes that we must have, do let us know down in the comments guys!! Till then, Keep travelling and keep Eating!

What to eat when you’ve eaten the entire sea’s Crabs, More Crab!!! Appachi at Pondicherry

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