10 Photos to Sum up Delhi’s Food Culture! (And How!!!)

Well, its time we admit it; Its out in the open but every Mumbaikar wont agree. Delhi has some of the best food this country has to offer, let it be street food or Fine dining — its got it all!

Delhi kicks Mumbai’s ass in the food and beverage department; Yes, we said it! The truth hits, stings and hurts like a b*tch! Well we think we’ve given Delhi food enough credit, now lets go in to the food and whats it all about.

A meal at Indian Accent is a Must!!!

Momo Culture: Delhi-ites have more Momo Schezwan sauce in their body than blood! The have mastered the art of Momo-making and are taking it to new heights. Tandoori, Malai, Wheat, Potato starch, ‘Jo chahiye milega!’ f*cking eh! The humble momo has made its way on the street, pubs, and the best fine dining restaurants. They range from 40 bucks a plate to 400!! You get some of the best Momo’s at — Majnu ka Tila (AMA Cafe), Lajpat Nagar (Hunger Strike), CP (Teddy Boy) and Dilli Haat (All North Eastern Stalls.)

Momos at Dilli Haat

A Small Village called Hauz Khas: HKV as the locals call it, is now a collection restaurants, pubs and designers shops all in one! Now Bombay people will be new to this, but Hauz Khas is enclosed by humongous parks, houses a freaking tomb and a massive water tank reservoir (thus the name: In Urdu, ‘Hauz’ means “water tank” (or lake) and ‘Khas’ means “royal”, giving it the meaning — the “Royal tank.”) If we had to describe HKV to a Mumbaikar, its like Carter Road on Steroids!! Some famous places to check out and eat at are — Social Chhatt, The Project (converting to Lord of the Meadows), Coast Cafe, Maquina and many many more!

Heavenly Pork Belly at Farzi Cafe.

Old Dilli: Well, Bombay has Mohammed Ali Road, Delhi has Old Delhi which consists of Jamma Masjid Area, Parathe Waali Gali, Sadar Bazaar and they are all pretty awesome! This was the initial Delhi, with Chandni Chowk, Red Fort and the many gates that surround it. It still has the old world charm with it narrow roads, old structure, old school wire entangled with each other and of course the effing food! So lets get to it, near Jama Masjid we have Al-Jawahar, the famous Karims, Aslams Chicken and the Nihari wala Haji Sabrati. Chandni Chowk has the heritage Lakhori at Haveli Dharampura and Sadar bazaar has its small street side Kachori and Samosa walas.

Old Delhi Delights!

Taste for Finer things: Now Delhi is no stranger to Fine Dining, it has India’s top restaurant Indian Accent, Zorawar Kalra’s Farzi Cafe and Masala Library, Priyank Sukhija’s Tamasha, Chef Ritu Dalmias’s Diva and the list keeps on going on! Well Delhi also has sh*t loads of Money and Politicians and Bureaucrats who love spending it at places like Sevilla at the Claridges, Warq at the Taj and even stand alone’s like Chef Augusto’s Town Hall cafe in Khan Market. Some other great places for Fine Dining food are: Bukhara at ITC, Tres in Lodhi Colony and Artusi in GK-2 to name a few!

Chef Augusto at Town Hall.

Bhai Butter Chicken to Banta hai: You go to any restaurant or pub, Butter Chicken will be there on the table for mains. Yes we just wrote about the finer things in life, but after 5 drinks down (Yea these Delhi guys can f*cking drink) we all want a creamy Butter Chicken with a nice Butter Garlic Naan. Its a sort of staple food item for all Dilli walas, and boy have they elavated this humble dish. Making Biryanis, Sliders, Topping it off with Booze you name it and the version is there. Infact Butter Chicken has its routes in Delhi at the famous Moti Mahal. Other places to get amazing BC is: Gulati and Havmore at Pandara Road, Lazeez Affair at Chanakyapuri and Made in Punjab Gurgaon. 

Butter Chicken Gol Gappa?!?!?!

Bhavan here, Bhavan there: Since Delhi is the capital of the country, all the states have their respective bhavans, where the state official can come and rest. But the best part about most of these bhavans is the fact that their canteen serving local food is open to all. At nominal prices, these bhavans have some of the simplest yet tastiest food ever. Let be the famous Kerala bhavan at Jantar Mantar, or the Karnataka bhavan at CP, for lunches these places are always full of people both office goers and foodies! 

Meat Selection at Kerala Bhavan

Beer! Beer! Beer: While Pune started the revolutionary Microbreweries and Bangalore took it forward, NCR has gone into nitro boost mode. Yes even though Gurgaon isn’t a part of proper Delhi, its a part of the NCR and due to the massive success of Cyber hub, the number of breweries that have popped up in the area is phenomenal! To add to the amazing beers, the space available here is crazy, ranging from 5000 sq ft to 12000 sq ft NCR is the Brew-Capital of India! From Soi7 to Warehouse Cafe and even ADDA by Striker, the brews are definitely a hoppin’ in NCR!!!

One of the best Street food: Chole Bature

3 am Cravings: According to us, this is the best part about Delhi. Yes the roads get dark by 11 and sh*t gets scary, but why fear when late night delivery is here. Till 4 am places are delivering to all corners of Delhi and they are cheap!! For 500 rupees, you are sorted for the late night dinner and lunch next day!!! Famous dishes are Butter Chicken, Pizzas and Burgers, Momos, Chili Garlic Noodles and soome of the famous places delivering are — Midnight Heros, The house of Kakori, Baking Bad, Captain Grub etc.

Nothing better than 3 am Chinese!!

So there you have it Bombay people, we are not saying Bombay food sucks, but we are giving credit where its due. Delhi people love their food and they love to enjoy it. But then if the same food is got to Bombay, with its heavy cream use and butter laden dishes it might not be most suitable for us. So just like the Romans, When in Delhi eat like a Dilli-wala!!

Because MOMOS!!!!

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