Smoke House Deli — Best Casual Dining in Mumbai?

In today’s day and age when every second place opening in Mumbai is a bar, or a “Modern” take on some f*cking cuisine, we ask you BombayFoodies; Is SHD the best casual dining joint there is? Has it stood the test of time, keeping up with the latest trends of the food industry? Have they bowed down to the level of ‘Resto-Bars’ that are popping up all over Mumbai? To find out what we think do continue reading 😀

Steak and Veg

The Place:
Casa Del Bougainvilla, as they all call it is on the corner of 33th Road and Dr Ambedkar Road. A beautifully done up building, Smoke house (and now The Drawing Room) occupy three floors of the building. SHD is easily recognizable with its painted walls and fairy-lit lights at the entrance. Even though they have three floors, the designers have done a good job and kept the table setting at quite a distance from each other. The music played is soft such that having a conversation is made easy, the servers knew their stuff and Thank God for a new menu!! (Both additions and reprinting)

Bread in a Basket
Boss style Aglio Olio

The Food:
Well this write up is about all our visits to SHD, but in particular from last nights dinner which according to us has made Smoke House Deli the best Casual Dining in Mumbai. On our previous visits, we’ve had the Boss Style Aglio Oilo, SHD Caesars Salad, Hot Dog, Basil Pesto Spaghetti, Bacon wrapped Chicken, Bangers and Mash, Oreo and Raspberry Cake etc. On all visits there has been maybe one to none chance of a mistake when it came to their food and service.

Because Mash is Bae!!


Last night’s dinner was an on the spot decision and also our Foodie wanted something European so we headed to SHD. On a Thursday night there was a full house and a waiting period of 10-15 minutes (This says a lot about the restaurant!) Last night we called for the following: Fusilli with Garlic Cream and Chicken, Three pepper rubbed Steak, extra Mash potatoes (Coz just!!!) and three Cocktails for 750++ deal.

3 Mojitos for 750++

As always, the complimentary bread baskets greeted us with a herb and chili butter. A variety of Foccacia, Bread Sticks and sliced garlic loaf was presented in a basket (like literally!) In the three cocktail deal, you can choose flavored Mojitos, Martinins and many more. Perfect if you don’t want to drink much, we chose a Watermelon and an Orange flavored Mojito after which the pasta followed. The Fusilli had a mix of bell peppers, zucchini and one of the most perfect cream sauce with a great garlic infusion. We would’ve loved it even if there was no chicken in there!

Fusilli Garlic Cream

The Steak came along half-way through the pasta and looked gorgeous! Served over mash potatoes and a side of beans and mushrooms it was a winner! Only complaint — we’d asked for a medium doneness but the steak was a tad bit under. Even though there were only two dishes and a side of mash ordered, it was very filling but as the picture below shows, BombayFoodies: 1 – Steak: 0.

Three Pepper Steak

Final Thoughts:
As the opinions are our own, we’d request all of you to go and dine at Smoke House. According to us it has to be top three places for a casual dinner and the best part — Its reasonable!! For the meal above we paid 2600 all inclusive. We were full, had a decent amount of alcohol and were very satisfied with the whole meal which defines a complete experience, and that is what a meal should be!





2 thoughts on “Smoke House Deli — Best Casual Dining in Mumbai?

  1. It’s still quite underrated but with the situation being the same in Mumbai (from what I can make out) as in Delhi/Gurgaon, SMD has maintained a certain class that is above the rest. Their service and the food of course is definitely a favourite


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