Bruchin’ in the Sky at Asilo

Winter has come, and the temperatures have dropped around the city. This makes it a perfect setting for all hungover (or not) people to head out for brunch in their light gowns and flip flops! Set a-top 40 floors is Asilo, a party place for the young and not so, has become a perfect setting for a winter brunch held every Sunday. We were invited to check it out so here’s our say.

Welcome Drink

The Place:
Now everyone knows where Asilo is located, the hotel may have changed its name three times but Asilo has stayed on! A totally open air space, white pillars, blue shades and chill vibe gave a feel as if you are in Greece. A massive DJ set-up, the Sky-line of Mumbai, a great bar with a tie-up with Grey Goose and unlimited food is what awaits you at Asilo.

The Food and Drinks:
After you are seated, you are welcomed with a cocktail made with Grey Goose and Soda. It was the definition of refreshing, just enough kick to get you up and alive and enough ice to open your eyes wide and get ready for the meal. The appetizers kept coming to the table which included flat-breads of Duck and Caramelized onions, Mushroom and Cheddar Cheese; Margerita Pizza, Grilled Prawns with a herbed butter garlic and an assortment of cold cuts and cheese from the buffet. The Duck flatbread was the top pick for us followed by the plump prawns. Very simple preparation served on the skewers we had quite a few of those prawns.

Also a part of the buffet was pickled mushroom with cream cheese, a mix of flavored butters and dips, marinated olives and many more to name a few! While we were helping ourselves with the food, the Grey Goose based cocktails kept a comin’. The Espresso Martini was the pick for our Chef so much so that he had two of them! The liquor section also included straight up drinks of the best brands of alcohol and a few cocktails made from them as well.

Coming to the hot buffet, the spread was limited to just two veg and two meat dishes. All of them seemed to be of a similar preparation style which included a Baked vegetables, a Lamb Shepards Pie, Coq au Vin and live Grill station. Since we were pretty stuffed with the appetizers, we had a very small helping of the food and saved space for dessert. Now the dessert spread was made to fit this kind of a brunch; Macaroons, Coffee Pudding, Chocolate Cake, Tiramisu, Miniature Cupcakes and a selection of fresh cut Fruits to name a few. But the most perfect way to end the brunch was another cocktail made with fruit juices and Grey Goose.

That’s our Brunch Plate!

Final Verdict:
Priced at 1950 (plus tax) for food only seemed a a bit pricey for the variety of items presented, but at 3900 (plus tax) for food, premium alcohol and sparkling wine its a total deal. With great music, a view to die for and an afternoon full of booze and food, Asilo is definitely a must visit for their winter brunch.

(The BombayFoodies were invited to the Grey Goose Asilo winter brunch. Honest views and opinions have been given irrespective of the that fact.) 


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