Street Food Festival at Fatty Bao

Lets get things straight, Mumbai does not have the best places to eat. Some places try too hard and some places just don’t give a flying F*ck! As a lot of the places concentrate on the drinking culture that’s taken over Mumbai, there are a handful of places that are going the extra mile and focusing on the food and Fatty Bao is one such place. As our Foodie stays bang opposite the restaurant, she’s quite a regular there! In our past visits, we’ve always felt that Fatty hasn’t push their limits when it come to flavor, even though they have a really good menu. But this time we were taken by surprise, the Street Food Fest has brought out some of their best dishes and supporting this Food Fest is their Root to Fruit Cocktails list.

Mu Ping (Pork)

The Place:
Chef Chandra’s Fatty Bao and Monkey bar are quite famous in Bangalore and Delhi and have become quite the neighborhood bar and restaurants for the people of Bandra. In the crowded “KFC” lane on Linking Road, just before Mini Punjab is where you’ll find these two spots. If you’ll are still confused, it has taken over the Bombay Blue and Noodle Bar spot.

Chicken Gochi

The Food:
Sticking to the name, street food from the far east is the theme for this festive menu. Everything from Japanese omelettes to Malay Lamb skewers has made it to the menu. Starting off the evening we had a cocktail each from their Root to Fruit section; A Popcorn Sour and Mi-So Happy. The former was a bloody hit for everyone at the table, with subtle hints of Chamomile and a really strong hit of Bourbon, the Popcorn Sour was the best pick for us. To accompany the drinks we had the Mu Ping which is grilled pork on skewers served with a Papaya Salad and a really good dipping sauce. Following that was the Chicken Gochi, fried chicken pieces topped with Cheese and Garlic sauce.

Malay Lamb with Peanut Sauce

Then came one of our most favorite dishes of the night, the Firecracker Wings and the Malay Spicy Lamb. The wings sounded like normal dish but when it came out, it was plump and on biting it we realized that it was stuffed with Jasmine Rice. Everyone on the table was using their hands to dig in and was liking off whatever remaining sauce was left on their hands. The lamb wasn’t very spicy, but with the papaya salad and peanut sauce was a great dish when combined and eaten. To accompany these street eats we downed Sesame Street, a cocktail with Bourbon and Sesame syrup and a Wow Ming (love these names!!) which is a Gin based cocktail infused with Thyme.

Tofu with Scallion and Chili Sauce

For the Vegetarians the menu is limited with only 3 dishes on the menu, A Tofu with scallion and Chili sauce a mix vegetable Sushi Platter and Assorted Grills. For the last part of our meal, we were greeted with a Seafood Platter, a Japanese omelette on chopstick called Hashimaki and a lovely dessert The Tokyo BANANA!!!! The dessert was mind blowing, unfortunately our Chef doesn’t eat Bananas, but everyone on the table just licked everything off the platter!

Dish of the Night: Firecracker Wings with Jasmine Rice

In Conclusion:
Well finally the Fatty Bao has given us (the BombayFoodies) some real tasty food. They have not held back their spices and the flavor combinations hit the mark! The food seved to us (most of it) was really quite the treat and went really went with the cocktails. So #bombayfoodies, do go for the fest as its on only till the end of the month. The Root to Fruit cocktail menu is now a part of the regular drinking menu at Fatty Bao.

Drink of the Night: Sesame Street

(The Bombayfoodies were invited for tasting by the restaurant PR. Honest reviews and opinions have been given nonetheless)


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