Cooking made Sexy: Chettinad Kori Kolumbu, The Bangala Style

Another week and another simple recipe coming your way, this one from the house of the Bangala in Karaikudi. The Bangala is an institution in itself, where Mrs Meiyapaan and her heritage bungalow of over 100 years has been serving, making and teaching the all famous Cuisine of the Chettiyaars. In my stay here, I was lucky enough to get a chance to work and cook in this kitchen where the basic Chettinad cuisine got its wings and flew to every corner of the country. Below is my version of the Partridge Curry which I learnt at the hotel but here we are going to be using Chicken.



4 pcs Whole Chicken Legs cut into 8 pcs.
2 Whole Garlic pods, Peeled
2″ Ginger
3 Slit Green Chilies
5 Onions. 3 Finely Chopped and 2 Blended
3 Whole Tomatoes. Blended into a puree
Indian Masalas (1 tsp Red Chili, Turmeric and Coriander Powder each)
Whole Garam Masalas (1″ Cinnamon, 2 Black Cardamoms, Fennel Seeds, Cumin Seeds
Poppy Seeds — Seeds are 10 gm each)
12-15 pcs broken Cashew
15 gm Yellow Chana Daal
Seasoning (Salt and Black pepper crushed)

For Garam Masala:

Ground Masala
  1. Dry roast all the Fennel seeds, Cumin seeds, Poppy Seeds, Cashew, Yellow Chana Daal, Ginger and one pod of peeled Garlic.
  2. Pound with a little water till it become a thick yet coarse Masala.

For Gravy:

Gravy being made with the addition of Ground Masala
  1. Blend 2 onions with the remaining peeled Garlic. Also blend the tomatoes and keep aside.
  2. Take Coconut oil (1 tbsp) and Ghee (1tbsp) and heat till smoking.
  3. Add the Black Cardamom, Cinnamon and chop Onions and cook till light brown.
  4. Add in the blended Onion and Garlic paste and cook till brown.
  5. Put the tomato puree and cook till the raw smell of tomatoes goes away. This will take about 15 minutes.
  6. After the tomatoes cook, add the Indian masalas, one tsp each and cook for 10 minutes.
  7. Add half of the ground masala into the onion and tomato base and keep half aside.


Add Chicken
  1. Put in the Chicken leg to the gravy and heat till the Chicken is cooked.
  2. In the end, add the remaining pounded masala and shut the gas off. Serve with Ghee rice or Dosai.


Serve with Ghee Rice

Do try making this dish and let me know in the comments below how it turned out. This is a simple yet Sexy recipe if one wants to try something different from the regular Chicken Curry. Till next time, Stay Sexy Keep Cooking!!!!


2 thoughts on “Cooking made Sexy: Chettinad Kori Kolumbu, The Bangala Style

  1. Lovely post. Beautifully done. Just a quick note to point out that at the Bangala, this is not made with Partridge but with farmed Japanese Quail.


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