Savor Experiences: LUNCH TIME!!!

Mumbai is a city where people are really on the move; its competitive, fast and in this race against time its comes as a breath of fresh air when a company known and reputed in the food industry brings to us sort of ‘Gourmet’ lunch delivery system. The team behind the ultra successful Secret Supper Project and Cantonese Kitchen have introduced a lunch delivery system which might not be suitable for people from all backgrounds, but most definitely if you’d want to spoil yourself and indulge in fancy food, Savor Experience is for you.

Simple Packaging

What’s it About?

A monthly or weekly subscription for lunch hours only delivered to you at your work/door step offering a different meal everyday. They want to bring back the importance of a really healthy meal, instead of just having to order in food everyday.

Packed, Stacked and ready to be Attacked!

What’s on the menu Doc?

Everything from Oriental to Pan- Asian, European and Mexican is there to order. As the menu and cuisine keeps changing it’s a great option for people to call for, for a change of taste. The package comes in a white paper bag with a green or red clip for vegetarians and meat eaters. Not only that, they also tweak your menu according to your convenience, we called for a gluten free meal and they made the changes accordingly. We had the Japanese menu sent with Miso Chicken and Aubergine, Nori Rice and Baby Spinach salad. They also sent a Pumpkin Caramel Custard for dessert.

The Non-Veg Spread

Both the Chicken and Aubergine (Brinjal) tasted great, with the latter being spot f*cking on! The Miso was more of a glaze than a sauce and the Nori Rice was less in quantity but enough to go with the respective accompaniments, thus making it a tad bit dry. But the show stopper was the Baby Spinach salad and the sesame dressing, spot on! All we had to do was put the leaves in a bowl, drop the dressing and some seasoning and it BOOM! The dessert was another tasty affair, although the Pumpkin flavor was a miss, the custar was light and smooth.

Miso Glazed Aubergine, Nori Rice and lip-smacking Spinach Salad

In Conclusion:

Now the most important part — How much will it cost you — They have 2 subscriptions, one is monthly and the other is weekly. For 20 lunches a month (different menu everyday) its 9000/- and for the latter its 3000/- for the week. If you see, it does come to an expensive side, and for a working class person in office to have this every month can be an expensive affair. Its the quality and cuisine served with gourmet ingredients that is what you will get when you order a Savor lunch meal. We’d suggest for a change of taste and different experience one should go for a weekly subscription. You can get your order here : Savor Lunch



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