Bangkok and Koh Samet in 15 Pictures

Bangkok baby!! Can one even imagine a City that can do justice to its name especially if its two syllables are sexual to the core! Party, Shopping, Food, Sexual activities, Sight seeing you name it, and its there in Bangkok. We recently got back from our 6 day trip and want to share the things we did (well not everything ofcourse, Meow!!) with you so that it can help you plan your trip to BKK as well!

The Basics:

Air-tickets are on the cheaper side, direct flights available from all major metro cities. Bangkok also has a Visa on arrival for Indians, make sure you keep your boarding pass, two passport sized pictures (if no picture, you’ll have to spend 400 TBH per person,) a valid passport and 1000 TBH per person as Visa fees. This is only a 30 minute procedure after that get your bags and head out. Depending on where you are staying, you can take the metro out or get a cab. Now Bangkok is one crowded a** city, but its well organized, still we’d suggest taking the metro to avoid any traffic! Get to the hotel, shower and GO OUT, no one spends time in a hotel in Bangkok except to sleep.

Tickets and Beer!!

Places to See in Bangkok:

The list of places to see in Bangkok is endless!!! Temples, Shopping Malls, Chinatown, Khao San Street, Road-side eateries and bars, Strip clubs, Islands near-by, Party Cities near-by and much more!! since we had only 6 days, in which 3 were at Koh Samet (Island near-by) this is how we went about. Landed, showered and had a bowl of Noodle-Soup first, just outside our hotel. Energized we went about the temples and the Grand Palace. Best way to travel is to hire your own bike, metro and waterways, BUT when in Bangkok you need to take one ride on the infamous tuk-tuks, they are like the Indian Auto-rickshaws on batteries.

Must have Noodle-Soup at one of the Street stalls

Some of the temples and landmarks that one can see are the Wat Trai Mit which holds the worlds largest 24k gold Buddha statue. Jim Thompson’s house, which is a Thai house made up out of several houses that were connected together to make one single house, which is very much unique in Thailand. The house originally belonged to Jim Thompson who mysteriously vanished in the jungle of Cameron Highlands, Malaysia at age 61 and is now converted to a Museum.

Wat a Pho(to) !!

The Wat Pho (100 TBH entry) is one of the biggest tourist attractions of Bangkok, it has the 46 mt reclining Buddha, many small and 4 huge Pagodas. A number of large Chinese statues, some of which depict Europeans, are also found within the complex guarding the gates of the perimeter walls as well as other gates within the compound. To the North is the Grand Palace (500 TBH entry) where the royal family reside. As the King recently passed away, the visiting hours have reduced we gave it a complete miss but it sure is a place to visit. Wat Arun is another temple across the river from Wat Pho. Just a 4 TBH ferry which is a 4 second ride is the only way to get there from this side of the main land. The outside of the temple is free for all, but to enter its another 200 TBH, as this temple was under maintenance we gave the interiors a miss as well!

Wat Arun

Shopping is something that Indians make special weekend trips to Bangkok for. Clothes here are CHEAP, of course you need to find them. Let is be at Chatuchak Market or any of the malls, the term Shop till you Drop is perfect for Bangkok. Yes there are places you’ll get ripped off in, but thats how things are in Bangkok. We’d suggest you check out Platinum Mall as that is Fashion street over 5 floors and air conditioned!!!! Guys don’t worry, we don’t have much there if you look you shall receive. Other malls include Terminal 21, Siam Paragon and Central World. Oh! and did we tell you, every metro station on the BTS line has a mall or is connected to one, so spend your money because you’ve earned it for this reason only 😛

Pad Thai at Chatuchak Market.

Places to Go Near and Far:

Now Bangkok is very well connected by air, boat and rail to various other destinations. A short train ride away is Kanchanaburi; with its various National parks, waterfalls, landmark bridges and war memorials. There are regular flights to Pattaya, Phuket and Krabi where people can go for parties and island hopping. One can also go drive down to Cambodia, Vietnam or even Malaysia (we don’t know why you’d do it, but what the heck!) We on the other hand decided to drive down 3 hrs to Rayong and go to the small island of Koh Samet.

Crab Black Pepper at Koh Samet

Koh Samet is more known for its full moon parties, but we went on a no moon night so there were lesser number of people. Vongdeuan Resort was where we stayed in one of their Thai huts, slap bang on Ao Wongdeuan Beach. This hotel provides to and fro from the pier so no money was spent, but one can take boats starting from 200 TBH per person. As soon as you hit the island, there are forest military personal that will charge you another 200 TBH as this island is a National Park, and those are the fees. KEEP IT WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES!!

Steamed Fish with Soy and Chili

This is an amazing island, well connected on all four sides by car (200 TBH per person per ride) and boat, clean beaches with blue seas, restaurants and grill houses along the shore that are set-up every night and if you’re lucky you’ll see fire shows as well! We went for the 4 island snorkeling tour with Nong Boom Tours which is really worth it, some real amazing snorkeling spots were picked by the tour people.

Snorkeling Trips at Koh Samet

The main beach is Sai Keaw, which is on the northern side of the island, its also the most happening beach with bars along its shores. We had one of the best American meals here, a Deluxe Ham and Cheese Burger and the best Ribs in town! For a proper Thai grill and meal one should most definitely go to the beaches and have their grills. We had lovely Pepper Blue Crabs and whole Snapper Steamed. Do carry an antacid in case there is a serious case of food-coma because it will be needed and used!!!

The Food:

Burger and Ribs ❤

This is real reason why we came to Bangkok! We ate so much food, we’d make the Gods of Glutton proud! From street-side to Burger joints and Super Sushi Bangkok deserves a 11 on 10 when it comes to the food scene!! Food here is cheap, tasty and wholesome. Have the Pork Noodle soup on the street, don’t really think much about where you are sitting or what meat goes in. Have the grilled meatballs on a stick, they say its Pork, but it can be anything, EAT IT! Make sure they serve you food in the most authentic way, tell the “I WANT SA-PICEY!!” With all the condiments and nuts and spices!

Stir Fry Squid and Coconut

Have the curries that old uncles and aunts sell, Pork – Chicken – Beef – Prawns call for it all! Have it with a portion of Thai sticky rice call for a beer maybe 4 cause they be so cheap! And Thai food goes down reallllllyyyy well with a cold Sigha or even a Leo Beer! Go to Soi Cowboy, which is a single lane where men and women can come and indulge in all things sexual. Strip clubs, Kinky Massages and Alcohol is just some of the naughtiness that happens in this street! They have lots of beer and food options, watch women in skimpy dressed clothes throwing themselves on foreign men.

Sushi at Kaze fresh, Thong Lor

Check out Khao San street and Chinatown for the vibe and INSECTS! They maybe over rated but its a definite go to once! We gave it a complete skip as we discovered another food lane in Bangkok and its called Thong Lo. Yes yes, come and take my thong away! This is where you find all your Japanese restaurants serving Ramen, Sushi, Grills; here you’d also find restaurants that serve authentic Isan food, which is food from the Northern Part of Thailand and serve sticky rice with every dish! Soul Food and Suppanigga are two must go restaurant for this kind of food!

Soul Food Restaurant for Authentic Thai food

Like we said Japanese is King here, you can have a Robata style all you can eat buffet at Gyuma restaurant or try the Ramen at the various Ramen stalls. We also went to another Japanese restaurant where there was no English, no spoke it nor could anyone understand it. THAT’S THE REAL SH*T! We still don’t know the name of the restaurant. We had no idea what we ordered or what we were in for but had a great mix Seafood Sushi roll that was the size of my fist!!! We also had a Tofu Salad that was garnished generously with tiny salty fish which was followed by a perfectly grilled Steak served with raw onions and Wasabi.

IMG_2633 (1)
Steak, Salt and Wasabi — That’s it

One kilometer into main Thong Lo street is Kaze Fresh, another Sushi joint that recently opened and was having 50% off Sushi and Sashimi. Being Indians we went straight in only to find out that it was on a limited set of Sushi. We called for one Uni Sushi, Spicy Salmon Roll and a Foie Gras, Cream cheese and Salmon roll. This was a mind blowing meal! Fish so fresh, flavors spot on and that Foie Gras softer than anything we’ve ever eaten!!!! We are still drooling over this Sushi and it was only for 200 TBH, FTW, WTF, YOLO, MOO MEI LO!!!!

Mix seafood Sushi, Soi Sukhumvit 55


Tender Coconut Ice Cream, Chatuchak

Bangkok is special for everyone in very different ways (except vegetarians maybe?) There’s so much to do in and around BKK, that we really can’t put in in one post or even two! Everyone finds things to do, place to be in, food to eat and malls to shop at; its how you do your research and go about things. We’d just like to say one thing, When in Bangkok, do like the Bangkok-ians. Eat insects, go to the beaches, shop, eat, drink, eat, drink, go to a strip club, ride the tuk-tuk. No fear and just LIVE!!!!


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