Boteco — Brazil in Pune!

Brazilian food? In Pune? We Mumbaikars must be really thinking twice before heading to a place like this isn’t it? But in Pune this place is slaying! Winning  awards, serving class meals, great cocktails and now has also opened up in BKC, Mumbai. We just happened to go there as it seemed to have a very interesting menu and the decor looked fab, little did we know this would be come our Foodies favorite place in Pune!!

Place and Vibe:

Located on the third floor in Power Plaza in Koregoan Park above Mocha, Earth Cafe etc, sits this huge space with an AC and Non-Ac section for the smokers. The restaurant is well lit, has some amazing flooring, a beautiful see through kitchen and an open bar. We’ve been here 4 times and its always been packed, with locals, foreigners and tourists alike. The servers were dressed smartly, they knew the menu and also recommended some good dishes. Lets see how the food was.

Errrrthing tastes better with a Bira

Food and Drink:

Even though the soups and salads sounded really appetizing, we went straight for the appetizers and mains. Starting off with their signature Escondidinho, a shredded dried and spiced meat preparation with Pumpkin Puree and Mascarpone. Amazing flavors, the dry spiced meat and the sweet puree complemented each other. There was also a dash of Balsamic reduction which really added depth to the dish. We also called for File a Palito, a sliced buff dish, with garlic and peppers. Simple dish, more like a quick stir fry, not very spicy, can be avoided if you want to try something else.

Escondidinho and Bira!

Just like a trailer to a good film, this was just the beginning, the Mains (esp the meat section) is what Boteco is all about! To start off we had the Carne na Pedra, the name of the dish sounds so beautiful, we could only imagine what it would look and taste like. A massive platter with ram sliced Beef, various accompaniments like fried Garlic, Cassava chips, herb Butter, Salad leaves and a Vinaigrette. There was also a ot stone where we had to the meat and cook it on our table! This also meant that we could cook it to our done-ness, with enough seasoning and a make yourself salad; Extremely interactive. There was also Bobo de Frango, a grilled Chicken dish with Cassava cubes fried, with a Pumpkin sauce home-made soft breads. The portion size was apt and entire combination of the various elements on our plate blended beautifully!

Carne na Pedra

Out of greed we called for 2 more main dishes — Frango Minas and Leitao a Pururuca. The former a Chicken dish with vegetables and Rice served with an Indo-Brazilian sauce and the latter a beautifully cooked Pork Belly with ham Croquettes and sweet sour sauce (What we were 4 of us!!!) The Meat taking over the Poultry and winning hands down again. An addition of Apply puree added a whole new dimension to the dish, the belly cooked till meat was getting pulled with a single fork and the croquettes fried to crisp brown! The charcoal roasted chicken with a very Indian-coconut flavor was a mild option to all the great Beef and Pork items we ate.

Bobo de Frango

Dessert and Conclusion:

Dessert also we didn”t go light, ordering three of their favorites. Coffee Panna cotta, Profiteroles and their version of Churros with Dark Chocolate sauce. Again they kept the standards high (Which it was throughout the meal) and all the above options tasted great! The Profiteroles were cut in half and stuffed with Vanilla Ice-cream only to be topped with warm Chocolate sauce. The Coffee Panna Cotta itself was mild but, the espresso sauce was strong and gave it further flavor. The Churros were topped with Icing Sugar and served with one of the best dark Chocolate sauce we’ve had in a while.


All in all an excellent meal and a lovely experience. Its been a while since we’ve had an overall experience which activated out taste buds and kept them tingling till the end. Yes it is a little on the expensive side, but for new cuisines and unheard of dishes its totally worth it! A great place to take your date or even the family for a meal.

Food: 4.5
Decor: 4.5
Value for Money: 4

(The Bomabyfoodies were not invited by the Owner or any PR agency. All views are honest and genuine.)


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