Food Truckin’ with L’Dorado — Aundh Pune

With the Food truck culture being so popular in America and them being showcased in various shows; it was going to be soon that this trend was picked up in India. And did it pick up! Gurugram, Bombay and Pune espicially being at the forefront of changing the way we eat ‘hawker’ food. Well glorified hawker food should be a better term, as hygiene, cleanliness and of course taste are kept of the highest standards. Pune has suddenly become an unofficial Capital for Food Trucks as one can find these truck on almost every street! These truck offer a variety of Cuisines from Italian to American and Pizza to Waffles.

Truck parked at Aundh Baner Link Road

Location and Cuisine:

L’Dorado, meaning city of Gold is located on Baner- Aundh Link Road, and it was one of the first truck to start there, now there are 2 other trucks on the same road. A bright yellow truck, soft house music playing and a really quiet kitchen set up is what awaits you at L’Dorado. Their menu is mainly American with Burgers and Chicken Wings being predominant on the menu.

Big Bang Burger

Stand out items include their signature Big Bang Burger, with an entire Chicken breast slit and fried served with mustard and Salsa. Ghee Roast Chicken Burger is another popular burger with roasted spices and a hint of Chili. Their grilled Chicken Burger is a new addition on the menu and is quiet a hot seller as well. All the burgers are served in a sweet bun which adds great layer of taste and trust us, those buns are HUGE! Another favorite is their chicken wings, served tossed in BBQ sauce, Chili garlic or even plain if wanted. A good portion and really reasonable.

Chicken Ghee Roast Burger

In Conclusion:

L’Dorado is definitely one of the top food trucks of Pune  and we request you’ll to go and check them out! L’dorado 2.0 also does a late night deliver till 2.30 am so that’s another plus point. They just completed one year so more power to them and hope they keep on dishing out new awesome burgers!

BBQ and Chili Garlic Wings

Food: 4
Value for Money: 4.5

Truck Style: 4


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