A Royal Treat at Royal China, Pune.

Every once in a while, you get an urge to eat authentic food. Especially in India, with the rise of Indian Accent and the Bombay Canteen who are making the most of fresh ingredients. Restaurants are coming up with innovative ways to excite the guests, unfortunately when it comes to Chinese cuisine, we have f*cked it up so much that now we are used to the “Chindian” taste. Then there are a few places like Royal China, who serving traditional Cantonese cuisine and it is then you realise how different the food from this region is! We were invited for a meal tasting so lets find out how it went!

Salt and pepper Prawn
IMG-20180111-WA0003 (1)
Lettuce Wrap

The Place:

Situated at the Business plaza in the Westin Hotel, Pune is the famous Royal China. The same outlet that is present in Mumbai (Bandra and VT) and Delhi. Royal China Pune has a much grander decor, a massive wall full of wine bottles but they’ve kept the Food as top priority. They serve authentic Chinese food bearing in mind the constantly evolving and emerging trends and tastes from around the world. They have combined the traditional and contemporary elements of Cantonese cuisine and take great pride in ensuring that all the ingredients used are freshly sourced and authentic.

IMG-20180111-WA0007 (1)
Chicken Asparagus Choeng Fa
IMG-20180111-WA0000 (1)
Chicken Prawn Suimai

The Food:

They have a massive menu, with a wide variety of Appetizers, Soups, Dimsum and so on, so we just asked our server to help us with bite sized portions of their most famous dishes. They started us off with Chicken mince lettuce wraps, Prawn Salt pepper, Chicken and Prawn Suimai and an amazing Chicken Asparagus Chueng Fa. The Lettuce wrap was a sort of a let down, as it was something very basic but the other dishes made up for it. The Sumai was light and had a good filling of Chicken and Prawn. The Prawn Salt Pepper was nice fresh and crisp tossed with a trio of Peppers. But the Cheong Fan was our top pick. It is a really thin rice noodle sheet which is filled with Chicken and Asparagus, steamed to perfection and then topped with hot Sesame oil and light Soy sauce. Then came the Crispy Duck with Pancakes and Plum sauce. It had the most perfect crispy skin, served with cucumber and scallions, steamed pancakes and a sweet plum sauce.

Half Roast Duck
Duck Pancake

The best part of our meal was the Main Course. Yueng Chow rice (which is a mix Fried Rice with Egg, Prawns and Pork), Flaming Chicken, Singapore Chili Prawn and Chicken Noodles. The noodles had an amazing smoky flavor because of the wok it was made in. They say that to test a Chinese Chef, one msut see how smoky his noodles are cooked and this was perfect!! It went really well with the Chili Prawn. The dish might say Chili, but it wasn’t spicy! The Fried Rice with tiny bits of Pork and Prawn was the perfect accompaniment for our Flaming Chicken which had sort of  Hoisin and Soy sauce hit.

Yeung Chow
IMG-20180111-WA0024 (1)
Chicken Supreme Sauce
Singapore Prawn
IMG-20180111-WA0017 (1)
Chicken Noodle

In Conclusion:

Even though we were invited for a tasting, the best part about this restaurant and meal is that its priced reasonably!! The quantity which they served us (even for tasting) was good enough. A great place for a date night or even an evening with the family, Royal China has kept up the standard of food and service which is fantastic. Will definitely be back soon!!


Food: 4
Decor: 4.5
Value for Money: NA

(The BombayFoodies were invited for a tasting to Royal China by the management. Irrespective of that, honest views and opinions have been put forth by the reviewers.)


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