Porto and Poie, Juhu

Newly opened place in Juhu, created quite the buzz before being opened. We were invited for a tasting so here’s our say — Goan food should be homely, comforting and frankly speaking a no frills kinda meal. Porto and Poie isn’t the first attempt at ‘fine’ Goan food, O Pedro opened late last year and it didn’t compare to its sister Restaurant Bombay Canteen.


The Place:
Saying that, the owner of this place have given utmost importance to its decor, music and menu selection. We were given the bar seating to try out the tapas, and it wasn’t a very comfortable chair. For some reason we were told to have the Tapas here and mains inside.

The Food:


On the more expensive side of things, we were given to try the Prawn Balchao with Poie, Lamb Meatballs, Croquettes, Tendli Tonnak and Chicken Cafreal with Sweet Potatoes. The Balchao itself was tasty but replacing the small shrimp with two massive Prawn pieces seemed off. The Tonnak with Tendli was a surprising dish, good taste and nicely presented. The croquettes and Meatballs seemed regular and nothing extraordinary. The Cafreal, which is one of the most famous dish coming out of Goa (technically African origins brought to India by the Portuguese) seemed very underwhelming. Sweet potatoes didn’t really go with it, and plating seemed really bleh.


In Conclusion:

Goan cuisine is all about the experience which includes the song, the cheap booze and lively atmosphere. Porto and Poie has taken to a very fine dine sort of an angle which we don’t know if it’ll work. Service was extremely slow, but it’s still early days. Waiting for the place to be operational fully and might give it another shot.

Food: 3
Value For Money: NA

Decor: 4.5

(The BombayFoodies were invited for a tasting to Royal China by the management. Irrespective of that, honest views and opinions have been put forth by the reviewers.)


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