Hyderabad in 15 pictures

Hyderabad, the capital of the newly formed Telangana state has always been know for its Food, Nizami politeness and some of the most interesting rock formations in our country. But what you probably did not know was that the ‘Hyderabadi’ food that we are served in the “mega-cities” is actually crap and no where close to what we get there! We were in the City of Pearls 5 days before the New Year and here is our 15 photos that made this trip memorable!!

Charminar at Sunset

Old Hyderabad:

The old part of any city is not only the most mesmerizing, that they also have the best food offerings in the particular city. Pista House, Shah Ghouse, Kabab -e- Jehangiri, Hotel Shadaab, Hotel Nayaab to name a few, are some of the best. We had a chance to visit most of these while conducting our own “food walk-in-rick.” Starting at Shadaab, (which was also the best meal of the day,) a really old establishment with confusing stairs and a non-stop walk-in crowd. We had their Biryani, Chicken 65 and Qubaani Sweet. The best Biryani and 65 of our trip was consumes here!

Jehangiri Kebab is literally a hole in the wall kinda place, fresh kebab on the seekhs, and a direct view of the Charminar. Unfortunately the view outdid the kebab (passable.) Finally ending this walk at Shah Ghouse which is supposed to be one of the most famous places in the area. Unfortunately this place was also a let down. The kebab was dry and Biryani, though massive in quantity was a disappointment.

The Food truck Street:

HI-Tech City an upcoming area of Hyderabad has seen an increase in the number of food trucks that that line its foot paths. Starting from IDBI bank all the way to Avasa Hotel, there a at least 50 trucks that serve a variety of items like Shawarma, Dosas, Idlis, Kebabs, Momos, Chinese, you name it and there’s a truck for it. Best Part, its open till 2 am as the IT companies around throng it till closing time!

The Favorites:

The locals and people who have shifted here have their own personal favorites with different cuisines. From Japanese restaurant Haiku to the Dubai based Papparoti, from local restaurant Kakatiya Delux mess, Rayalaseema Ruchulu and Chutneys to a restaurant that made it to the Conde Nast Awards of the best restaurant in the country – Simply South; from upcoming bars like Fat Pigeon to Microbreweries like Prost and Zero40 Brewing, Hyderabad has something for everyone.

Haiku is a Pan-Asian and Japanese restaurant serving some yummy yet authentic Sushi and great range of Asian dishes like Vietnamese Fried Rice and Miso Glazed Chicken wings. Great decor and a lovely ambiance with impeccable service really makes Haiku a total winner! Some of the best food was had at the local Telangana restaurants. Rayalaseema Ruchulu serves authentic Rayalaseema Cuisine which is towards the Southern part of the State. Fiery chilies, local ingredients and colorful spread is the way of Rayalaseema Cuisine. We had the Chicken in curry leaf curry, Royall Iguru or a Prawn preparation in a thick onion based gravy and a seafood Thaali. As sweat poured down out every hairy part of out body, we finished all the food on the table and gulped down f*ck load of water. The seafood thaali was definitely the top choice at this restaurant.

Amazing spread at Rayalaseema Ruchulu, Amerpeet

Kakatiya deluxe mess, a small non-fancy and in your face kinda space was another draw when it came to food. A simple one page menu, with a Veg thaali at 90/- and then you order on your additional curries. We had two thaalis, Prawn fry, Mutton Curry and Chicken Masala. Simple home cooked food, cannot go wrong with the flavors and a non-stop service of food is what awaits you here. Kakatiya Delux Mess in Amarpeet is a definite must go when in Hyderabad!

Kakatiya Deluxe Mess ❤

Simply South was on the cards only because it won the award, we frankly had no intentions on going here even our friends said it was an over rated places. Lunch time was busy as hell, we got a table after 15 minutes. Calling for a Thaali, Tala Goshth and Royala Eguru, we waitied to see what Conde Nast saw in the restaurant. The items in the thaali seemed more North inspired than south, the Poppadom and Chili basket was really exciting. The Tala Goshth was extremely bland but the Prawn was the saving grace with a good hit of spices and curry leaves. On the more expensive side of things, Simply South can be avoided.

Simply South Thaali

In Conclusion:

Hyderabad is really an upcoming city with a barrage of new outlets opening (Farzi and Papparoti to name a few.) Its becoming a bigger IT hub that Bangalore and that’s why there is such an influx. In terms of food, one can compare it to cities like Lucknow and Kolkata where there is a great mix of old and new. There is definitely more to Hyderabadi food than the by-lanes of Charminar so we urge you to go out there and explore this lovely city.

Seafood Thaali at Rayalseema Ruchulu

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