Cooking made Sexy: Chocolate Chip Cookies from Heaven!

Finally a recipe that’s not from the Coast, but will most certainly send you to heaven! Its simple, quick and will make you want to do naughty things with your partner! Continue reading “Cooking made Sexy: Chocolate Chip Cookies from Heaven!”


New Menu: Peshwa Pavilion at ITC Maratha

Now everyone knows that the ITC is the leader when it comes to great tasting, simple food. They stick to the traditional methods of cooking and maybe that’s what makes them so damn good. Let it be The Bukhara’s or the Peshawari’s there is some kind of magic in their Indian Food which has kept these restaurants at the top of the best restaurants of India.  Continue reading “New Menu: Peshwa Pavilion at ITC Maratha”

Smoke House Deli — Best Casual Dining in Mumbai?

In today’s day and age when every second place opening in Mumbai is a bar, or a “Modern” take on some f*cking cuisine, we ask you BombayFoodies; Is SHD the best casual dining joint there is? Has it stood the test of time, keeping up with the latest trends of the food industry? Have they bowed down to the level of ‘Resto-Bars’ that are popping up all over Mumbai? To find out what we think do continue reading 😀

Steak and Veg

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BONO – The Boutique Ice-Cream place

In a world where Macaroons are having a sea-salt and caramel flavor, Eclairs are being dipped in 80% Madagascar chocolate why hasn’t there been an ice-cream with bacon in it? Or perhaps Ice-cream with Blue Cheese? Well look no further BombayFoodies, we introduce to you BONO, a boutique ice-cream store where the unthinkable (when it comes to flavors) is happening. The Chef: Chef Alyssa Chesson, … Continue reading BONO – The Boutique Ice-Cream place

Unlimited Pizza Toppings at Serafina this rainy season!

Well we all know Serafina is known the world over for their great Italian and unbelievable pizza toppings and it gets better when they allow you, for a small charge of course, to throw on some more of those toppings. We were invited to their Fort outlet to enjoy this offer and here is our first hand experience. The concept is simple, they give us … Continue reading Unlimited Pizza Toppings at Serafina this rainy season!

Le Pain Quotidien: Introducing the new Summer menu by Gourmetitup and #Followthefoodie

Chic yet cozy? Modern yet rustic? Does a place like this exist in Mumbai?There are a few of those, in the city and one of them goes by the name of Le Pain Quotidien which means ‘the daily bread’. No, don’t worry if you’re still trying to pronounce it correctly, it took us years to master that one! They have opened up around three outlets … Continue reading Le Pain Quotidien: Introducing the new Summer menu by Gourmetitup and #Followthefoodie

Brunchin’ at BrewBot, Andheri (W).

The last couple of years has been mainly about Home-brews and brunches in Mumbai. Breweries such as Barking Deer and The White Owl were the first few to spring up, serving a variety of home-made beers and ciders. In the Burbs, Brewbot opened its doors in the second half of 2014, but they still do not have the licenses to make their own brews 😦 So the owners, Anand, Ansh and Ketan started the place irrespective, serving some lip-smacking dishes and a great variety of cocktails to their guests. Since the Chef used to work just two units away, he has tried a few of their dishes, like the succulent Grilled Chicken Breast and a thin-crust Ham and Olive pizza. The Bombay Foodies were at Brewbot to check out their Absolut Sunday Brunch and trust us, when we saw the menu we knew we were in for a treat!

Milkshakes, The Decor, The Spread and the Menu (Clockwise)
Milkshakes, The Decor, The Spread and the Menu (Clockwise)

Our Experience:

Brewbot is a little on the expensive side when it comes to F&B, but then quality of ingredients and in-house food items do deserve a price tag. But wait, we went for the Sunday Brunch which is priced at 1200++ ( Food and Mocktails only, Wines + KF Beers @ 1500++ and for Absolut based cocktails its at 1800++) which, we feel, is very reasonable for the amount of items on the menu! Continue reading “Brunchin’ at BrewBot, Andheri (W).”

Valentines 2015 — Where to go and What (Not-So-Naughty) things to do!!

Valentines is just a day away, and mentioned here a few things that you could try with your loved ones. Unlike last year, where we told you activities that one could do in the different suburbs, this time we are concentrating on a few things that we think are worth doing! And this is of course all over Mumbai (Bombay) so don’t be afraid Foodies, hope you choose something from the following and do write to us! (Do it for the love of food, don’t get caught holding hands — You will end up married!!)

1) The Marriott: Well we are a little biased towards this group of hotels, but what can we do, we really love their service-food-decor and everything they do for their guests! Love is in the air at JW Marriott Mumbai this February with a range of bespoke and elegant romantic experiences designed to ensure that you have the most memorable Valentine’s Day celebration with your loved one.


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Onesta Confections — They give the humble Corn a POP!!

Neha Chaudhary is a young Chef who studied at the French Culinary Institute in America and later on trained and worked at the JW Marriott. She is a home baker who has started a small business of hers called Onesta Confections. Onesta mean “Honesty” in Italian. AND HONESTLY HER PRODUCTS (Namely Gourmet Popcorn, Chocolates and Cheesecakes which she sent) KICK F*CKING ASS !!!! She sent across … Continue reading Onesta Confections — They give the humble Corn a POP!!