Food Truckin’ with L’Dorado — Aundh Pune

With the Food truck culture being so popular in America and them being showcased in various shows; it was going to be soon that this trend was picked up in India. And did it pick up! Gurugram, Bombay and Pune espicially being at the forefront of changing the way we eat ‘hawker’ food. Well glorified hawker food should be a better term, as hygiene, cleanliness and of course taste are kept of the highest standards. Continue reading “Food Truckin’ with L’Dorado — Aundh Pune”


Palolem and Panjim

Yes, yes this one has come too late, frankly speaking the Chef doesn’t really like Goa or Goan food. He’s never really had a reason to visit Goa as the three times he went before were with his school friends in the 10th grade and then twice with his parents. So this time around the Foodie took him to places which we are sure even the biggest “Goa” lover didn’t know of. We had 5 days and a lot to pack in, the main area we decided to hit were Palolem — Cotigoa and Panjim — Dudhsagar. Continue reading “Palolem and Panjim”

Bangkok and Koh Samet in 15 Pictures

Bangkok baby!! Can one even imagine a City that can do justice to its name especially if its two syllables are sexual to the core! Party, Shopping, Food, Sexual activities, Sight seeing you name it, and its there in Bangkok. We recently got back from our 6 day trip and want to share the things we did (well not everything ofcourse, Meow!!) with you so that it can help you plan your trip to BKK as well! Continue reading “Bangkok and Koh Samet in 15 Pictures”

The Stables, Marol

As Mumbai’s food outlets keep increasing, it gets ever so difficult for restaurateurs to come with different themes, menus and ideas so that the people get something different every time. Continue reading “The Stables, Marol”

New Menu: Peshwa Pavilion at ITC Maratha

Now everyone knows that the ITC is the leader when it comes to great tasting, simple food. They stick to the traditional methods of cooking and maybe that’s what makes them so damn good. Let it be The Bukhara’s or the Peshawari’s there is some kind of magic in their Indian Food which has kept these restaurants at the top of the best restaurants of India.  Continue reading “New Menu: Peshwa Pavilion at ITC Maratha”

10 Photos to Sum up Delhi’s Food Culture! (And How!!!)

Well, its time we admit it; Its out in the open but every Mumbaikar wont agree. Delhi has some of the best food this country has to offer, let it be street food or Fine dining — its got it all! Continue reading “10 Photos to Sum up Delhi’s Food Culture! (And How!!!)”

Silver Beach Cafe, Fort: Valentines 24*7!!

Imagine a pretty place with wooden floors, tee-lights, a beautiful bar and place where one can go and enjoy a meal and have an actual conversation — Yes! it is true there are a few places in Mumbai and Silver Beach Cafe is one of them. Very little Silver and no beach but this newly opened place is just a little ahead of the iconic Sterling Multiplex and is getting very famous with couples, both old and young (replaced Town House Cafe.) This is the second outlet of the restaurant which has its first outpost in Juhu and we must admit, they have done a great job when it comes to designing the restaurant and most importantly the menu. The Bombay Foodies went to SoBo after a long time and continue reading further to see if it was worth the trip or not:)

Excellent decor and view!
Excellent decor and a pretty setting!

Continue reading “Silver Beach Cafe, Fort: Valentines 24*7!!”

Brunchin’ at BrewBot, Andheri (W).

The last couple of years has been mainly about Home-brews and brunches in Mumbai. Breweries such as Barking Deer and The White Owl were the first few to spring up, serving a variety of home-made beers and ciders. In the Burbs, Brewbot opened its doors in the second half of 2014, but they still do not have the licenses to make their own brews 😦 So the owners, Anand, Ansh and Ketan started the place irrespective, serving some lip-smacking dishes and a great variety of cocktails to their guests. Since the Chef used to work just two units away, he has tried a few of their dishes, like the succulent Grilled Chicken Breast and a thin-crust Ham and Olive pizza. The Bombay Foodies were at Brewbot to check out their Absolut Sunday Brunch and trust us, when we saw the menu we knew we were in for a treat!

Milkshakes, The Decor, The Spread and the Menu (Clockwise)
Milkshakes, The Decor, The Spread and the Menu (Clockwise)

Our Experience:

Brewbot is a little on the expensive side when it comes to F&B, but then quality of ingredients and in-house food items do deserve a price tag. But wait, we went for the Sunday Brunch which is priced at 1200++ ( Food and Mocktails only, Wines + KF Beers @ 1500++ and for Absolut based cocktails its at 1800++) which, we feel, is very reasonable for the amount of items on the menu! Continue reading “Brunchin’ at BrewBot, Andheri (W).”

The Bombay Foodies Restaurant and Food Trends, Lifestyle Upgrades-2015

In 2014 we saw a lot of Molecular Cocktails, we saw Mumbai’s first brewery start up and a lot of stress given to inviting bloggers/ Instagrammers/ Zomato reviewers to check out their restaurants. These trends mentioned below are what the folks at Bombay Foodies think should be introduced or some that are already introduced and are getting there.

Continue reading “The Bombay Foodies Restaurant and Food Trends, Lifestyle Upgrades-2015”

Chili’s Bar and Grill — Sweet, Smoky and Hot

Well we can’t say much about Chili’s Bar and Grill, except for the fact that it is our favorite Tex Mex joint in all of Mumbai (Yes, you can quote us on that.) Be it a small bowl of authentic Buffalo Chili or the iconic and easy to pull BBQ Ribs. No we aren’t in love with their Nachos Grande, but the Bacon and Ranch Quesadillas is a league of its own. Ladies and Gentlemen we aren’t forcing you to go to Chili’s in Powai, nor are they paying us to be their brand ambassadors; we love good food and go to great lengths to eat it. 

Chili’s in Powai is one such place and all we can do is show you this picture of their Chicken and Cottage Cheese Corn cakes from their new menu and if this picture is good, you want to go through your screen and bite this bad boy right off the plate!!! This is the New and Limited Menu — Sweet, Smoky and Hot where they have a range of dishes that are predominantly in those three flavors. Continue reading “Chili’s Bar and Grill — Sweet, Smoky and Hot”