Kerala in Baner!

In repeated posts we’ve been suggesting and pushing the need for good regional food in our cities. Even though there is a huge crowd that is a big fan of Butter Chicken and Naans, there is a sort of revolution happening now. The surge in regional food restaurants, who just concentrate on the food and not the nonsensical plating is on the rise. Kerala cafe … Continue reading Kerala in Baner!

Porto and Poie, Juhu

Newly opened place in Juhu, created quite the buzz before being opened. We were invited for a tasting so here’s our say — Goan food should be homely, comforting and frankly speaking a no frills kinda meal. Porto and Poie isn’t the first attempt at ‘fine’ Goan food, O Pedro opened late last year and it didn’t compare to its sister Restaurant Bombay Canteen.   … Continue reading Porto and Poie, Juhu

Palolem and Panjim

Yes, yes this one has come too late, frankly speaking the Chef doesn’t really like Goa or Goan food. He’s never really had a reason to visit Goa as the three times he went before were with his school friends in the 10th grade and then twice with his parents. So this time around the Foodie took him to places which we are sure even the biggest “Goa” lover didn’t know of. We had 5 days and a lot to pack in, the main area we decided to hit were Palolem — Cotigoa and Panjim — Dudhsagar. Continue reading “Palolem and Panjim”

Cooking Made Sexy: Pomfret Tawa Masala Fry!

8 dishes on and you can notice that we havent’t moved on from our ‘South Indian’ food. Well besides the fact that our Chef LOVES this cuisine, its also something different and every dish is unique in its own way. Continue reading “Cooking Made Sexy: Pomfret Tawa Masala Fry!”

Udupi in 15 photos. Yes, f*cking 15!!)

Let us start off by saying that there are many places in our country that are very under-rated when it comes to tourism because of other more famous locations. Continue reading “Udupi in 15 photos. Yes, f*cking 15!!)”

Cooking made Sexy: Pomfret Green Masala.

We’ve reached our 5th dish now and it’s things are getting hot in here! One of Mumbai’s favorite fish the Pomfret is going to be stuffed and coated with a beautiful Green Masala and fried on the tawa. The taste and look is very much like the Parsi Patra Ni Macchi but has a different way of making. So without boring you let’s get to … Continue reading Cooking made Sexy: Pomfret Green Masala.

Satkar Rice Plate –Less Rice More Fish!

Well when one types best ‘Thaali’ of Mumbai, Satkar Rice Plate is a prominent feature of all the lists. This has been on our list for a long time, and we finally got a chance to go with a couple of the Chefs’ friends. Continue reading “Satkar Rice Plate –Less Rice More Fish!”

Travel Dairies: The Chef’s ‘Foodie’ Malvan Coast Trip Part I

At the beginning of last year, the Chef decided to do this trip down the Malwan coast, in search of some authentic food,  local activities and meet some kick-ass Malwani chefs a.k.a the locals! No this trip doesn’t include alcohol, no partying just a great photo-op and a rustic culinary experience, a personal account of everything our beautiful Maharashtra has to offer. (Map Link) Tarkarli, Malvan and … Continue reading Travel Dairies: The Chef’s ‘Foodie’ Malvan Coast Trip Part I

#BombayFoodies Weekend Fix 15-16-17th May, 2015

Weekend unplanned? Here are a few things you can get upto, this weekend! 🙂   Saturday, 16th May, 2015 Food 101: Food Entrepreneurship Workshop:  Essar House KK Marg, Mahalaxmi from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Calling all Foodies, Home-chefs and Bloggers to a Workshop on how to become a Foodpreneur and turn your passion into profits, with Restaurant Consultant and Entrepreneur, Ravi Wazir. Hear first-hand … Continue reading #BombayFoodies Weekend Fix 15-16-17th May, 2015