Kutchh — The Holy Grail of all things Art!

Now we know what you’ll are thinking —  Kutch? Gujarat? What the eff guys, why would you go there and all? There are so many better places to go to and explore. And… Continue reading

Bruchin’ in the Sky at Asilo

Winter has come, and the temperatures have dropped around the city. This makes it a perfect setting for all hungover (or not) people to head out for brunch in their light gowns and… Continue reading

Smoke House Deli — Best Casual Dining in Mumbai?

In today’s day and age when every second place opening in Mumbai is a bar, or a “Modern” take on some f*cking cuisine, we ask you BombayFoodies; Is SHD the best casual dining… Continue reading

Satkar Rice Plate –Less Rice More Fish!

Well when one types best ‘Thaali’ of Mumbai, Satkar Rice Plate is a prominent feature of all the lists. This has been on our list for a long time, and we finally got… Continue reading

Awadhi Food Festival at Jeon, Sea Princess

The first thing that comes to mind when we take the name of Hotel Sea Princess, has to be Trilogy or amazing location by the sea or even their Poolside Parties! So when… Continue reading

10 Photos to Sum up Delhi’s Food Culture! (And How!!!)

Delhi food at its best!

10 photos that sum up our Chefs’ Tamil Nadu trip

After the 17 day trip to Kerala, the Chef left for Tamil Nadu. Making his way from Kottayam (in Kerala) to Madurai (in Tamil Nadu) in an over night bus. Now as much… Continue reading

Pa Pa Ya — Modern Asian Bistro

In today’s day and age where everything is going ‘Modern’ or restaurants are confusing people with ‘Fusion’ food, we’d like you’ll to meet the Massive Restaurants chain. One of the most famous brands… Continue reading

10 Photos that sum up Chef’s Kerala Food Trip

Kerala also known as God’s own Country and for good fu*king reason. Highest literacy rate , highest female to male ratio, it is the land which has the maximum alcoholics (thus booze is… Continue reading

Spiti in 15 photos- all about our trip

Spiti, the lesser known cousin of Leh, the better looking less populated version of Leh and of course a place where the roads meet the waterfall meets the mountain in one harmonious line… Continue reading