Happy Chinese New Year, 2015 – The year of the Goat!

The Chinese New Year Celebrations have begun all over the city, and here are a few noteworthy mentions:

Noodle Bar Outlets:

To commemorate the Chinese New Year 2015, Noodle Bar is celebrating the Year of the Goat with traditional Chinese Dishes. The Year of the Goat brings in a wealth of sumptuous dishes, fusing modern flavours with Chinese heritage to find that perfect Yin-Yang balance. Indulge in an unforgettable experience of majestic culinary exploration that Noodle Bar has to offer with its limited edition Chinese New Year Menu. Kick-start your journey with an assortment of mouth-watering appetizers such as the Chinatown Style Fish, Crispy Citrus Chicken, Mongolian Babycorn and Tai Ching Cottage Cheese. Dig into the various options of delectable non-vegetarian main course dishes such as the Saldo Chicken, Coriander Prawns with Mango Ginger, and equally tantalizing options for veggie lovers such as the Stir-fried Pok Choy with Cottage Cheese and Black Mushroom with Bamboo Shoots that are sure to delight your senses. Lastly, satiate your sweet-tooth craving with the sinful Date Pancakes.

Coriander Prawn

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The Bombay Foodies Restaurant and Food Trends, Lifestyle Upgrades-2015

In 2014 we saw a lot of Molecular Cocktails, we saw Mumbai’s first brewery start up and a lot of stress given to inviting bloggers/ Instagrammers/ Zomato reviewers to check out their restaurants. These trends mentioned below are what the folks at Bombay Foodies think should be introduced or some that are already introduced and are getting there.

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Quick Service Chinese Restaurants — Part 1

Mumbai is a fast city and people don’t always seem to have the time to just sit and enjoy a decent meal. This seems true more so now, as the average young crowd is working for almost 12-13 hours a day and they really don’t have any sort of time to enjoy a meal. Quick bites such as a Dosa from outside their office to a Vada Pao from outside the stations, usually are a big help, when it comes to beating those silly hunger pangs. Gone are the days when restaurateurs in Mumbai invest heavily in “Fine Dining” outlets, their attention is slowly shifting towards the “Quick Service Restaurants” a.k.a QSRs, which brings about a faster turnover and gives “Value for Money” a.k.a VFM to the customers. Seeing this change young entrepreneurs are now starting small yet fast food joints, unlike the big chains like Subway and McDonalds, they are entering the Chinese fast food business, because we all know – If there is something we all like, its good, cheap Chinese food!!! This is why we at Bombay Foodies decided to compile a list of QSR Chinese outlets, their hits and misses, time to visit and everything you need to know about them. We have concentrated our area from Bandra to Andheri in this edition. So here it goes.


1) Five Fat Monks: 

Well lets begin with the Five Fat Monks. Bloggers are raving about it, Bandra and Ghatkopar-ites are raving about it and the fact that they already have two outlets in the city says a lot about this chain of QSRs. After a lot of planning between the Chef and the Foodie, we finally ended up at the Linking Road outlet one fine evening at about 8 pm. Continue reading “Quick Service Chinese Restaurants — Part 1”

ARK at Courtyard by The Marriott

Ever so often when we go to a lounge, we eat, drink, have a conversation and then move on with our life; not really remembering what we “ate” or “drank.” It’s true that when we visit lounges, pubs and bars, most of the importance is given to the dance floor, music and drinks and that’s it. Very rarely do we come across a lounge which not only pays attention to its guests, but also a great deal of effort has been put in the Food and Drinks menu. One such lounge is ARK at Courtyard by Marriott – This place has a great underground vibe, and a bar and food menu to match it. Varun from Fort Madison India got in touch with us and this time he sent the Bombay Foodie Bus to Andheri East to check out this uber cool lounge. It’d been a while since we had been out on a Friday night for anything other than food and like any other Friday night, this one too had been unaccounted for till Varun’s mail arrived in our inbox. Continue reading “ARK at Courtyard by The Marriott”

Harry’s Bar, Juhu

It is December, and the festive (read partying) season has begun, even though it is Mumbai and everyday is a party ( you know what we mean!) Mumbai’s ever increasing pub life has just added another big player name to its list, this is Harry’s Bar a Singaporean Franchisee that has been brought to Mumbai with its first outlet in Powai and now in the posh location of Juhu. Industrial look, bulbs hanging from the bar, retro music in the background and juggernauts of the F&B industry taking care of the menus, Harry’s has some interesting Food and Booze line ups. Here is what we tried at Harry’s Pub in Juhu. Continue reading “Harry’s Bar, Juhu”

China Pavilion, D.N Nagar. Andheri (W)

Chinese Restaurants pop up everywhere nowadays; maybe it is because they have the most turnover, or maybe it is just the Chindian food that we Mumbaikars love so much. But then, there are a few restaurants according to us like Ling’s Pavilion, Sernyaa and the recently opened China Pavilion in D.N Nagar, Andheri (West) that make their diners enjoy the meal and take in the surroundings. … Continue reading China Pavilion, D.N Nagar. Andheri (W)

Abstrakt, Chembur.

5 years ago if you told someone to go to Chembur, there’d be a line of “getting visa” and “Pune is closer” jokes. But what people don’t know is that Chembur is the “Queen of the Eastern Suburbs.” Now its is connected to every part of Mumbai, by road and rail. Chembur has one of the best Golfing clubs of the city and also the … Continue reading Abstrakt, Chembur.

Sing Kong — Fresh Catch Festival (Gourmet it Up)

Sing Kong — What can we say about this place, it is slowly but definitely becoming our go-to place for great Oriental food. You know you are a regular at a restaurant when the Manager and Service staff knows your name or even recognize your face. At Sing Kong, the Chef (from Bombay Foodies) is a very known person, not only did he participate in … Continue reading Sing Kong — Fresh Catch Festival (Gourmet it Up)

Gondola, Pali Market

Gondola at Pali Naka is what some people consider to be synonymous with great Sizzlers and Steaks. Being regulars at Soul Fry which is right next to it, we had never given it a try. But after seeing their menu on Zomato and hundreds of pictures on Instagram we decided this place is a must try!! The Chef: Just like most of the hidden gems … Continue reading Gondola, Pali Market

Mamagoto Andheri

You know, opening up 4 outlets in less than a year of operations says a lot about any organisation. In came Mamagoto with their concept of “Fun Asian Dining” and have taken Oriental and Pan Asian food to the next level. From their innovative decor concepts to the funky looking menu card and items, Mamagoto has certainly set the standards when it comes to Oriental … Continue reading Mamagoto Andheri