Yellow Bar All Day- 21st Road, Next To Gauri Khan Store, Khar West, Mumbai

Last week the Bombay Foodies were invited to Yellow Bar All Day to try their food and attend their Musical Tuesdays event which promotes music by Indie bands and this time we had with us Joash Benedict playing for us. Before we begin I deeply apologize for the pictures. The lighting didn’t allow us to take the best photos! About the place:  The owners Nikki and … Continue reading Yellow Bar All Day- 21st Road, Next To Gauri Khan Store, Khar West, Mumbai

Mewar Food Festival at Tuskers, Sofital BKC, Mumbai

A few days ago the Bombay Foodies were invited to check out the Mewar Food Festival at the famous Pure Vegetarian restaurant of Sofitel called Tuskers. This was a part of Sofitel Mumbai’s attempt to pay tribute to the ‘Make in India’ Week offering its guests rich culinary treasures from the vibrant states of India. Now, we all know Bombay Foodies are avid non-vegetarian eaters. But … Continue reading Mewar Food Festival at Tuskers, Sofital BKC, Mumbai

The Korner House, Khar, Mumbai

For those who are unaware, the famous Nido has been replaced by The Korner House at Union Park, Khar. We tried out The Korner House last Tuesday and were pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. It all starts with the ambience – chic, classy and extremely cosy, this place is ideal for a romantic date if you need ideas for V day. Kitschy chandeliers, candles and … Continue reading The Korner House, Khar, Mumbai

Asilo sky brunch

Rooftop brunch at Asilo, Mumbai 

Imagine a bird’s eye view of your favorite city. Sea, skyline, racecourse, and if you went there regularly enough you can even monitor the progress of these new buildings that are coming up! But we aren’t here to do just that. Asilo which is on the 40th floor of the new St. Regis hotel (earlier known as the Palladium hotel) and hosts one of the … Continue reading Rooftop brunch at Asilo, Mumbai 

All about our Michelin Meal at the Marriott.

A few months ago the Bombay Foodies decided (actually the Chef did) to spend a bomb and experience some really good food at Mezzo Mezzo at the JW Marriott, but since a lot has been happening we have found little time to just get our thoughts together and write down our first experience of this much talked about Michelin meal (First of many, we hope) . We’ve spent years hearing about this coveted Michelin star in the world of food. Not in India, of course. But movies, books, food shows on tv. The question from most people is what is a michelin star? 

For the purpose of clarity, let us simplify the story behind it, a little. It all started with the Michelin Tire company in the 1900s, when they decided to print a food-guide to encourage travellers to make road-trips to explore the food scene in France. The whole idea of it was to boost the use of cars, using great food as an incentive. The Michelin brothers went to great lenghts to hire anonymous reviewers who visited the restaurant like any other customer, evaluated the food and rated them between 0-3 stars.

  • One Star: A good place to stop on your journey, indicating a very good restaurant in its category, offering cuisine prepared to a consistently high standard.
  • Two Stars: A restaurant worth a detour, indicating excellent cuisine and skillfully and carefully crafted dishes of outstanding quality
  • Three Stars:  A restaurant worth a special journey, indicating exceptional cuisine where diners eat extremely well, often superbly. Distinctive dishes are precisely executed, using superlative ingredients.

Good idea, no? From then till now to a french Chef Michelin Star is the only things that matters.

Information Source: Click here

The concept:

Well this concept has been brought to India by where they get 4 Michelin star chefs to a property, take over the kitchen and dish out the dishes the particular chefs are known for. Since this happened for the first time in India, they got down only two chefs to see how it goes. We had Chef Laurent Puegoet from France and Grandmaster Chef Giovanni D’Amato from Italy who came down and got their signature dishes for us Mumbaikars to try out.

It was our Chef’s sister’s birthday and for that he decided to take her and the Foodie for this meal. Since he could afford only one of the two chefs, he decided to go for Chef Laurents’ meal as he was mixing French cuisine with Japanese influences! Sounds PIMPED out, doesn’t it?. You need to read on as to what chef Laurent had for us! Being in touch with our friend Reem Iqbal from Madison PR, we finally booked a table for Thursday night, and luckily for us, that was the only night the restaurant wasn’t sold out for the meal. Yup every other day a maximum of 64 seats were booked out for the Michelin meal, just proving the fact that Mumbaikars are ready for this type of food. Taking a day off from work, and making sure everyone did not eat lunch, the Bombay Foodies went off to the Marriott, to have what would turn out to be a meal of a lifetime!

Chef Laurent Peugeot. Photo credits: JW Marriott
Chef Laurent Peugeot. Photo credits: JW Marriott

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Japanese Food Festival at Sofitel BKC, Mumbai

Do you know of one major advantage of having hotels all over the world? The vast Chefs and variety of recipes at your doorstep and this is exactly what the Sofitel group of hotels is doing. They’ve had a Tamil food fest, Sri Lankan, Lebanese, Malay and the most recent Japanese food festival (Ongoing.) We were invited by our host and friend Gitanjali to come and try out what chef Kazuhiko had in store for us.


Assorted Sashimi
Assorted Sashimi


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‘Sea’ing Food Everywhere – JW Cafe at the Marriott Sahar Airport!

Did someone say Seafood Dinner Buffet? Take out them elastic pants, starve for day and half and then head to JW Cafe, at the newly opened JW Marriott at the International Airport (Sahar). After following exactly what we typed, we headed to the Marriott (starting to be on of our favorite chain of Hotels) to check out their Seafood dinner buffet (only on Friday nights)
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Silver Beach Cafe, Fort: Valentines 24*7!!

Imagine a pretty place with wooden floors, tee-lights, a beautiful bar and place where one can go and enjoy a meal and have an actual conversation — Yes! it is true there are a few places in Mumbai and Silver Beach Cafe is one of them. Very little Silver and no beach but this newly opened place is just a little ahead of the iconic Sterling Multiplex and is getting very famous with couples, both old and young (replaced Town House Cafe.) This is the second outlet of the restaurant which has its first outpost in Juhu and we must admit, they have done a great job when it comes to designing the restaurant and most importantly the menu. The Bombay Foodies went to SoBo after a long time and continue reading further to see if it was worth the trip or not:)

Excellent decor and view!
Excellent decor and a pretty setting!

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The Bombay Foodies Restaurant and Food Trends, Lifestyle Upgrades-2015

In 2014 we saw a lot of Molecular Cocktails, we saw Mumbai’s first brewery start up and a lot of stress given to inviting bloggers/ Instagrammers/ Zomato reviewers to check out their restaurants. These trends mentioned below are what the folks at Bombay Foodies think should be introduced or some that are already introduced and are getting there.

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Valentines 2015 — Where to go and What (Not-So-Naughty) things to do!!

Valentines is just a day away, and mentioned here a few things that you could try with your loved ones. Unlike last year, where we told you activities that one could do in the different suburbs, this time we are concentrating on a few things that we think are worth doing! And this is of course all over Mumbai (Bombay) so don’t be afraid Foodies, hope you choose something from the following and do write to us! (Do it for the love of food, don’t get caught holding hands — You will end up married!!)

1) The Marriott: Well we are a little biased towards this group of hotels, but what can we do, we really love their service-food-decor and everything they do for their guests! Love is in the air at JW Marriott Mumbai this February with a range of bespoke and elegant romantic experiences designed to ensure that you have the most memorable Valentine’s Day celebration with your loved one.


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