The Bombay Foodies Restaurant and Food Trends, Lifestyle Upgrades-2015

In 2014 we saw a lot of Molecular Cocktails, we saw Mumbai’s first brewery start up and a lot of stress given to inviting bloggers/ Instagrammers/ Zomato reviewers to check out their restaurants. These trends mentioned below are what the folks at Bombay Foodies think should be introduced or some that are already introduced and are getting there.

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Chili’s Bar and Grill — Sweet, Smoky and Hot

Well we can’t say much about Chili’s Bar and Grill, except for the fact that it is our favorite Tex Mex joint in all of Mumbai (Yes, you can quote us on that.) Be it a small bowl of authentic Buffalo Chili or the iconic and easy to pull BBQ Ribs. No we aren’t in love with their Nachos Grande, but the Bacon and Ranch Quesadillas is a league of its own. Ladies and Gentlemen we aren’t forcing you to go to Chili’s in Powai, nor are they paying us to be their brand ambassadors; we love good food and go to great lengths to eat it. 

Chili’s in Powai is one such place and all we can do is show you this picture of their Chicken and Cottage Cheese Corn cakes from their new menu and if this picture is good, you want to go through your screen and bite this bad boy right off the plate!!! This is the New and Limited Menu — Sweet, Smoky and Hot where they have a range of dishes that are predominantly in those three flavors. Continue reading “Chili’s Bar and Grill — Sweet, Smoky and Hot”

Harry’s Bar, Juhu

It is December, and the festive (read partying) season has begun, even though it is Mumbai and everyday is a party ( you know what we mean!) Mumbai’s ever increasing pub life has just added another big player name to its list, this is Harry’s Bar a Singaporean Franchisee that has been brought to Mumbai with its first outlet in Powai and now in the posh location of Juhu. Industrial look, bulbs hanging from the bar, retro music in the background and juggernauts of the F&B industry taking care of the menus, Harry’s has some interesting Food and Booze line ups. Here is what we tried at Harry’s Pub in Juhu. Continue reading “Harry’s Bar, Juhu”

Abstrakt, Chembur.

5 years ago if you told someone to go to Chembur, there’d be a line of “getting visa” and “Pune is closer” jokes. But what people don’t know is that Chembur is the “Queen of the Eastern Suburbs.” Now its is connected to every part of Mumbai, by road and rail. Chembur has one of the best Golfing clubs of the city and also the … Continue reading Abstrakt, Chembur.

Chili’s, Powai.

Chili’s in Powai is an international chain of restaurants that is present in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi etc. What you can expect at this sort of a restaurant is good, wholesome and comfort food; lots of Mexican plus South West American dishes making this a complete Tex- Mex joint. The Chef: Imagine watching the Food Network channel and Guy Fieri taking us down to one … Continue reading Chili’s, Powai.

Weekend in the Burbs Part 1 — Alfredo’s

Being a part of Andheri, and not going to the Alfredo’s in Lokhandwala is what some people refer to as a crime being committed. Being an institution in Juhu, this branch in Andheri has been open for a while now, but for reason I cannot remember I have not visited it. Well finally we did decide to visit it on a lazy Sunday afternoon with … Continue reading Weekend in the Burbs Part 1 — Alfredo’s