SingKong, 604, 1st Floor, Pinnacle House, PD Hinduja Marg, 15th Road, Off Linking Road, Above Sanchos, Khar West, Mumbai


Singkong is a recently opened Hong Kong and Singapore cuisine restaurant above our one and only Sanchos (actually there are two of them now). Being from the same ‘Dish Hospitality’ family, that has got the ever famous Aurus and Sanchos Catina, Singkong came across as a place that can definitely deliver more when it comes to beautifully tasting Chinese food.

The Chef: Since we had not been to a Chinese restaurant in a long time, we thought we should give Singkong a try. Coming in for an early but long chinese meal, we must thank Gourmetitup for giving us this beautiful selection of a 6 course meal. The menu on their website itself made me drool, a selection of Dimsum, appetisers, soup, mains, rice and dessert, this seemed perfect for the Foodie and I to try out.
The decor was minimal (Stuff I like) with a mad open kitchen, live sushi bar and wide open seating which had tables for two, four or a full football team. we got a lovely table for two, near the window but I must say the tables are a bit too long, the Foodie was so far away from me!!!!! The condiments arrived with our menu cards, and i have to say that the idea of serving them in shot glasses, was awesome. Kimchi was wiped clean while the radish was untouched, the roasted chili sauce (so it seemed) was to die for, I had it with everything. Our mocktails were served to us (being a dry day) a Lemongrass delight which was nice and would do wonders if i had a cold. The Foodie had a Mojito in Singkong, she had more mint leaves in her mouth that the actual mocktail.
Moving onto the appetizers which were presented really well, in a neat and clean manner, the shot glass being used for the Birds nest prawn and small sized black slates for the Basil Chili Chicken. Was it something new and something I haven’t had before ? – No, very similar tastes to the ones you get at another famous chain of chinese restaurants. As you can notice the use of abuses has been a little less, not that I did not like the food and presentation but I was waiting for something to wow me, something that will make me get up and go kiss the chef!
Onto the main, which was what I was waiting for! Lamb Rendang, with chili garlic rice and Chicken with Cashew and coriander with noodles. The lamb…the MOTHER******G lamb, it just disintegrated with the application of the slightest force, and the Rendang curry was smooth and had a very strong coconut base which I loved! It went perfect with the Chili Garlic rice that had pieces of burnt garlic bits in it and the rice itself had a good bite. The noodle and the Chicken was again nothing out of the ordinary but luckily for me that was the Foodies order!!! We were full, to the brim, had to tell the service staff/ wait staff to wait for 10 minutes so that we could make a li’l space for our dessert. When dessert was served, it was the perfect portion for us, the Mocha fudge and sesame cones with ice cream. the mocha fudge was an interesting combination, but the sesame cone ice cream, again did not have that BANG of an effect that I thought it should have had.
All in all the menu did sound very interesting but I think in execution of the dishes they did miss out a little, I’m sure if I try out their other stuff on the menu, (Which I will, especially the Sushi) I will definitely be amazed.
The Foodie: I always used to wonder, while waiting in that never ending line for a table at Saancho’s, where the other giant door next to it, led to. I never bothered asking, dreading that I’ll find out about some very high end restaurant, I’ll never eat at, till I have a bank balance just dedicated for my foodie needs. Turns out it belonged to Sing Kong where we were going to dine that evening, thanks to Gourmet it up. Aah the beauty of wishful thinking. Anyway moving on.. Rs 1300 for a 6 course meal, judging by the size and appearance of that SingKong’s door (seriously just go check it out), seemed like a good deal. Did I judge the book by its cover? Let us find out 🙂

We started off with the The Kim Chi, which was the best I have tasted so far, just because, it wasn’t sweet. I’m not a big fan of sweet food. Our starters included this spinach wrapped Shrimp with a strong black bean sauce that you could sense from tables away, it was nice and light and went very well with the Roasted Chilli Sauce, and this pink colored chicken dumpling which for some reason tasted like a meatball in me mouth (not complaining) also tasted quite nice.. Next up was the Basil Chicken (try it with some lime on top) and Shrimp Nest that, with sugar cane used to skewer it, was dipped in a shot glass with sweet chili in it, and was accompanied with Soy Sauce, very nicely flavoured and crunchy (the sugar cane addition was definitely something I had never eaten before) , but I couldn’t help but think that I had not found my anchor yet. Maybe cos the pink square patterns on my table were really distracting me. The Cilantro soup was pretty ok, and did not make my eyes sparkle with joy or anything but that’s ok the Lamb completely made up for it. Yes I ate more of the Chef’s main course than my own, so that says it all 😀
I had absolutely no place for dessert but I really liked the Mocha Fudge that was presented with a Tuile and this nice and strong coffee sauce sort of a thing. Something tells me I would have liked it better warm.. But maybe I was too busy yapping to the Chef about my day, and may have allowed it to become cold. So be careful about that 🙂
 I’m sure Sing Kong has much more to it beyond the finely curated menu we picked. Their Sushi counter looked appealing , so I’m definitely going back for that!
They seem to have updated their Gourmet It Up Menu, so don’t forget to try that! Or just go and explore the menu on your own. I’m pretty sure this place has a lot of unmentioned dished that are the real winners, so yup, SingKong is totally worth a shot 🙂
Our Review:
Food — 3
Value for money — 3
Decor — 3.5

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