Satkar Rice Plate –Less Rice More Fish!

Well when one types best ‘Thaali’ of Mumbai, Satkar Rice Plate is a prominent feature of all the lists. This has been on our list for a long time, and we finally got a chance to go with a couple of the Chefs’ friends.

The Place:

Christmas Decoration

As soon as you exit Goregoan station east (Yes b*tches) there are a variety of places where one can indulge including a small Momo stall,(Delhi style!!!) amazing variety of street food, a Borivali Biryani Center, JP’s Bar and restaurant (which is another Malwani food joint) and bang opposite JP is a narrow lane which will lead you to Satkar. There’s a reason we got into such detail telling you about the entry as its f*cking difficult to find it! After a good 100 meters, a staircase leads you up to Satkar Rice plate house, white-washed walls decorated with Christmas decorations for some reason. Has an AC and non-AC section with different rates on the menu (ofcourse!)

Bombil Fry


The Food:
SRPH has the basic Malwani goods on its menu, from Thaalis to a variety of fried fish. Seafood including Mud-Crabs, Prawns, Bombay Duck and even baby Shark feature prominently along with a few Mutton and Chicken specialties. Almost every table had a few thaalis on them so our Chef along with his lady friends also decided to go the thaali way by ordering the following: Mutton Thaali, Surmai and Rawas Thaali, Bombil fry, Crab Masala and Prawn Masala dry with a few Sol Kadi’s and an aerated beverage.

Rawas Thaali

Now this is just our Chefs view which differed from his friends — The thaali’s looked like any thaali from a Malwani joint. Basic Mutton curry, some extra gravy, Mutton dry different types of breads (Rice Roti, Vade) some onions and a green coconut chutney. Same went for the Fish thaalis (Just replace Fish with Mutton.) Taste wise, Yes, it did taste good; very simple and homely. The Prawn Masala dry and Crab Masala were great! Although the Crab shells were difficult to get through, the Prawns were really really nice! The Crab had a sweet gravy that went well with its sweet flesh, and Prawn had a more robust masaledar hit making the two gravy very different. The Bombil fry, again something similar to what we get in other restaurants but its was much more mild in taste.

Final Thoughts:
The girls on the other hand thought the meal was an Ace! This is the most perfect example of people having their own choices and likes when it comes to a restaurant. The total damage was only 440/- per person, so this place most definitely is value for money!!! Will our Chef include this meal in the top thaalis of Mumbai, f*ck yes, but there are many other thaali places that will be above this one. BombayFoodies do go and try Satkar Rice plate House, or if you already have then and let us know what you think about it. Till then Happy Eating!!

Crab Masala

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